Busting the Bubble: Dry Fruits and Sugar

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Fewer issues related to nutrition and diet generates more controversy and an air of consumer confusion than the matters related to sugar and its effects on health.

When it comes to healthy eating, dry fruits surely top the list. Dry fruits are a natural source of nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals. They are also a powerhouse of various antioxidants which prove to be the human most trusted ally in battling various life threatening conditions. Despite the numerous health benefits, there is an air of uncertainty around these potent nuts regarding their relationship with sugar.

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Nutritional Value

Most nutritionists and medical practitioners opine that dry fruits are healthy and nutritious. Dry fruits and Nuts are high in dietary fiber, low in fat and salt, and are packed with vital micronutrients including potassium, copper, manganese, iron and Vitamins A, E, K and niacin. This makes them an ideal choice for healthy snacking. Also due to their crunchy texture and nutty flavor they have found their usage across various cuisines throughout the world.

It has been found across various research and studies, that after making certain demographical and lifestyle changes the participants who included dry fruits and nuts in their daily diet showed a lower BMI, relatively smaller waist circumference, improvement in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Intrinsic Sugar and their relationship with Dry Fruits

One of the major concerns which generates speculations and debates often is the relationship between Dry Fruits and Sugar. Dry fruits are shrunken in size and lacks water content. So the level of sugar becomes concentrated into a smaller area. Also, due to their smaller serving volume, often people tend to overeat them.

NoT “Free Sugars”

Sugar in Dry fruits is considered to be intrinsic- those sugar present in the structure of intact cells. Since the dry fruits are shrunken by reducing the water content, they do not contain more sugar than their fresh counterpart. Traditional Dry fruits like prunes, peaches and figs, along with dates are some of the offerings which are also available with low moisture. Nothing is added which can alter their nutritional value.

Natural Sugar is also essential in a limited amount for the body to gain energy and remain active.

Choose Natural over Added

Today the markets are flooded with many options which come packed with added sugar, oils and preservatives. They can increase the sugar intake levels thus making it a risky adventure for the buyers. It is highly recommended to avoid indulging in dry fruits that come loaded with preservatives and oils.

Also Dry fruits enjoy certain advantages over the fresh ones which make them an excellent choice. Certain dry fruits for instance figs and prunes are known to contain the superior quality of antioxidants.

Know your product and check the ingredients before making the choice. It is also favorable to stick to the ones which contains less preservatives and oils.

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