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What can use from Apple Developer Enterprise Program?

Apple’s rising enterprise position may not have collected ideas across all the companies yet, but it’s clearly helping business for the companies. This advantage behind this program is to make it possible for enterprise employees to develop and securely distribute and deploy apps for internal use. These can be office meeting app, clients arrangement app or any app your company want.

Apple Developer Enterprise Program can develop internal use apps of your company for all Apple’s platforms, which includes:

  • IOS
  • TVOS

We are using the program on these platforms.

Apps can be safely developed and distributed inside your organization.

Account memberscan have the access of apple developer enterprise program membership, can use the account under account holder’s permission.

There will be 3 roles Account holder, Admin and Member. Account holder has the highest power of the Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Here is how we manage developer team from our experience.

Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program allows you to manage your developer team. That means you can assign roles to team members, approve certificates and create provisioning profiles

You need to use your apple ID which associate your account holder role to do the permission and assign roles, the account role is team agent, which can be transferred after apple review and approves, it will normally take along one week. The new account holder’s Apple ID should be company domain email too.

The account holder can add team members a, remove team member and assign Admin and Member role to any your company employee you want.

Only the Account Holder and Admins roles can distribute apps; the other team members are not set to require this permission option. Create provision file or delete provision file full power are all controlled under the Account Holder role.

The only purpose of taking part of the program should be only using to program to distribute app inside company or organization, which means the download time can’t be too higher, we never distribute the app into public, so we can perfectly control the download time in case against apple policy, we think the problem is the best way for limited users , we tried other different way such as test fight, as long as you can adopt some method to make sure the only user is your company’s people, we will automatically verify our employee identity when someone download app from our link , we also only send the download link or portal via our inside communication way. So we don’t upload the download link or portal to internet or any public place, outside people will never have a chance to download our app or use our app.

We have been engaged in account service for many years with lots of experiences, if you have apple developer enterprise program account which is not used temporarily, please contact us asap, we can offer the most reasonable price to buy your account, if you are not available to sell it, we can also rent your account to benefit the most for you.

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