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Are you looking for the best quality paint meter for your car? The new affordable QNix handy car Paint Meter by TestCoat is just that – a powerful, robust, pocket-sized gauge that measures coating thickness. A handy gauge for easy and fast coating thickness measurements – for all paint and automobile applications.

QNix ® handy Automotive Paint Meter – car paint checking or measuring tool is the first-ever meter designed for the used vehicle remarketing industry. The concept of no buttons and measuring the range of up to 20 mils has been fully embraced by the industry actors. Despite the fact that automotive paint thickness meters have emerged from other manufacturers around the world such as China and other emerging industries, the QNix ® handy car Paint meter still dominates the market. Endorsed by major Car Auctions in the United States as the best and most reliable car paint meter/tester. We have had customers – even companies with strict quality requirements try OEM meters- mostly from China, but returned to the QNix ® handy car paint mil thickness meter for the following reasons: robustness, easy-to-use, Made in Germany.

There are several other products to measure the quality of your paint and these are named as: dry film gauge, gloss meter, washability tester.  The question often arises is:

How to measure Mil Thickness with QNix Digital Paint Thickness Gauges?

The quality of your Paint Film Thickness Gauge depends on several factors, among other the streamlined production processes, choice of raw material, resources performance, and expertise. Paint thickness gauges for dry film paint thickness measurement also play an important role in determining the paint quality of coating systems- used during the application and inspection of the coatings in uncured and cured stages. Applying coatings according to paint manufacturer’s specifications and regular thickness measurements reduce the cost of product maintenance and waste of resources. Whether mechanical or electronic coating thickness gauge (also called dry film thickness gauges -DFT, mil Gauge, paint meter or paint thickness meter) non-destructively measure the dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates, such as powder coatings, anodizing and electroplating on metal substrates such as steel, iron, aluminum, zinc or copper.

Linear Abrasion Tester BEVS 2803-Touch Screen:

Main Features of washability tester are: Big LCD design, touch-screen operation Adjustable speed intelligent system, ensure the accuracy of sample measurement Universal fixture to fix the sample in different shape & size Technical Specification: Humanized screen, touch-screen control Rubbing frequency

About TestCoat:

At TestCoat our success is attributed to the ability to consistently deliver quality services and products to our valued customers. A total commitment to customer satisfaction is built into everything that we do, including outstanding after-sales- and technical support and our 3 years guarantee –  a partnership-profit philosophy. Please take some time and review our products and services and if you have further questions, give us a call or use our contact form to get a quick response.

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