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Fildena 120 is a very useful and effective medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Taking Fildena 120mg medication before sexual stimulation will cause the muscles to relax and will boost blood flow in the penis.

Pills of Fildena 120 mg are for giving your penis the required hardness in your erections. They give you the power to erect your penis hard and have sustainability in your erections while you are having sex with your partner.


Fildena is only for consumption through the mouth. It is recommended to take medicine at least directions physician’s medication before you planned to have sex.

Various factors determine the dose. Hence one should only use the medicine as described by the physician.

If you are suffering from ED and talking to medicines for a cure, then consult a medical expert.

If you have missed any dose, then do not take two-dose simultaneously.

If you have forgotten to take medicine before having sex, then in any circumstances, do not take medication before the sex as it may not give you the desired results.


Sildenafil doses begin from 50 mg as a solitary portion, required 1 hour before sexual movement. Parts can be expanded or diminished, relying upon reaction. The standard most extreme suggested portion of sildenafil is 100 mg, given as a solitary portion every day.

There is a unique need to get a sildenafil 120 mg, and you need to take it talking with your PCP. 120mg is an argumentative and unapproved portion, so the measurement rules for this sort of tablet should be spoken with a doctor.

The impact of medicines is shown well whenever consumed on an empty stomach. It may take somewhat more to work or may not work when taken with a fatty dinner.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages, grapefruit, illegal drugs, and heavy types of foods before taking this traditional medicine for weakness. Above all, take this medication once in a 24-hour time frame.

Side effects:-



Cerebral pain

Drawn out and Painful Erection

Acid reflux

Alternative ED Medicine:-


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