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A valve is a device that can start, stop, or regulate the passage of a fluid, by means of a moving part that opens or obstructs one or more orifices or conduits. Valves are one of the most essential instruments in the industry, due to their design and materials, valves can open and close, connect, and disconnect. It also regulates, modulates, or isolates a huge series of fluids, from the simplest to the most corrosive or toxic. Contact us at We are a well-known double eccentric butterfly valve manufacturer

The task of specifying a valve for a particular use implies determining its type and design according to the needs and characteristics of the installation. At, we are a Wafer butterfly valve manufacturer in Germany. Visit our site to know more about our other wide range of products.

Let us check out different types of valves for steam:

Shutoff Valves:

There are many types of valves, but the manual valves usually used in steam systems are a globe, ball, gate, and butterfly.

Gate valve:

This type of valve is multi-turn, in which the hole is closed with a vertical flat-faced disc that slides at right angles onto the seat. This type of valve is usually used in steam systems to cut off the steam flow in regulation, control, and other arrangements.

It is estimated to operate fully open or fully closed and does not introduce a pressure drop in the line. For the installation and maintenance of high lift and high rigidity valves, free space is required at the top.

Ball valve:

Ball valves are ¼ turn, in which a drilled ball rotates between spring seats, which allows direct circulation in the open position and cuts off when the ball is rotated 90 ° and closes the conduit.

It is very fast to operate and is used to open or close the fluid passage. Achieve a good seal of the ball with the seat (synthetic rubber ring, TFE, RTFE, Nylon, and others) without depending on external torque.

Globe valve:

A globe valve is multiple turns, in which the closing is achieved by means of a disc or plug that saws or cuts the passage of the fluid in a seat that is usually parallel with the circulation in the pipeline. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, from flow control to open-closed control (On-Off).

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