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The lemon is one of the most popular and healthiest citrus fruits around the globe. Having its flavour and color similar to lime, many people use lime and lemon interchangeably though they are two different citrus fruits. Originally found in the gardens of Assam in India and Burma, lemons travelled everywhere from Egypt to the Arabian countries and become popular in European nations as well. Usually available in different countries in different seasons, lemons are popularly used for seasoning a number of Mexican and continental dishes. So, if you like the tangy and acidic flavour of this fruit, you can buy it from Lemon supplier in any season.

Vital Facts on Lemons

A lemon tree has sharp thorns on twigs and reaches up to the height of 20 ft i.e 6 meters. The fruit has oval shaped with a nipple-end. The peels of most of the lemons are light yellow in color with longitudinal stripes of yellow, white or green. It is a juicy fruit with aromatic flavours. Some lemons have seeds whereas some are seedless. The white seeds present inside are smooth and pointed and usually 9.5 mm long. Presently, Southern Mexico is a major lemon-producing nation around the world.  Easily grown in dry and humid weather conditions, it is necessary to irrigate the lemon crops in case of ongoing dry spell for the long time. Lemons are grown even in poor or infertile soil by practising the right kind of soil management techniques. Around the globe, lemon suppliers of Mexico have a wide network and they supply lemons to various parts of the countries including Canada and America.

Different Uses of Lemons

In Asian cuisines, Lemons are widely used for making aromatic meats and curries. European cuisines are fond of using the lemon zest and use it in various dishes for adding texture and flavour. In lemonades, soups, stews and sauces, the good quality lemons make a huge difference and add a unique taste to them. If you think that lemons are only good at adding flavour to recipes, it is the time for a reality check. Lemon suppliers admit the fact that many people buy lemons owing to their innumerable beauty and house cleaning benefits. Some of the outdoor uses of this citrus fruit are:

  1. If the presence of squirrels and cats in your small garden is a matter of worry, lemon can be your rescue partner. During winter season, simply take lemon rinds and store them in the freezer for a short time. Once they become cool, bury them under the garden’s surface throughout the summer and spring season and you will be amazed to see the results.
  2. Using a few drops of lemon juice during the house paint will keep insects away.
  3. For removing rust from different products, make a paste of lemon juice and salt. The quantity would be 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of salt.

So, buy high quality lemons from suppliers and try these remedies. You will definitely find them effective. For buying lemons at attractive rates, look for a reputed lemon supplier.

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