Buy Luxurious Perfume Based on Your Skin Type to Smell Great

Have you ever experienced that the luxurious fragrance you bought didn’t make you smell as fragrant as expected, instead made you smell unpleasant or neutral? If yes, you are not alone! You might know that everyone has different body chemistry. This is affected by numerous factors such as general health, diet, hormones, changing seasons.

Of course, wearing a mesmerizing fragrance is a way to mask unpleasant body odour. But sometimes a fragrance you thought would make you smell heavenly does the opposite. Why is that? And how you can turn it in your favour? Well, let us break it down for you.

Whether you use a solid perfume or roll-on perfume, the basic principle is to let it mix with the oil on your skin and release the fragrance. Now, here is the catch! Based on your skin type and pH, a fragrance will react and will make you smell fabulous, neutral, or unpleasant. So, what should you do? Start buying a perfume based on your skin type for maximum effect.

Don’t worry! We did not come unprepared. We have created this small guide that will tell you which perfume to buy based on your skin type.

· Dry Skin: A perfume will disappear more quickly on this skin type. Buy intense and warm fragrances such as woody or spicy notes. These will last longer.

· Oily Skin: Naturally oily skin will provide more oil for the perfume to stick and release the fragrance. So, make sure to buy a fragrance with citrus notes.

· Sensitive Skin: Make sure to buy perfume scent as you would do for dry skin. Also, choose a fragrance made of natural ingredients.

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HouseofEM5 is a prominent online perfume store where you buy perfume set for men and women. 

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