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Nangs are a popular way to get high. They contain nitrous oxide gas canisters that can be inhaled to get “wasted.” Nangs are often used at parties and raves and have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years. Nangs come in various sizes and colors, but the most common size is 16g (0.6oz).

What are nangs

Nangs are a type of drug that can be inhaled. They function like an e-cigarette, but they contain THC instead of nicotine.

  • What’s in Nang? Nangs use vape pens to deliver THC or CBD oils to your bloodstream. These oils come in a variety of strengths and flavors.
  • How does it work? Like an e-cig, you put the device up to your mouth and press the button on the bottom, which activates the atomizer inside (it heats up). This causes vaporized oil to be released into your lungs, where it gets absorbed into your bloodstream through capillaries under your tongue.
  • How did they get started? The first mention of vaping appeared in a 2003 VICE magazine article about marijuana use among skateboarders in Los Angeles who used portable water vaporizers so as not to smell like weed when skating around town. Since then, several companies have attempted to create similar products for vapers who want something more discreet than smoking out of their bongs all day!

How do you use Nang?

Here’s how to get started with using your Nang:

  • Get a balloon. Any size will do, but we recommend getting a larger one than you think you need—you can always use it later as an ornament or stress ball!
  • Find Nang that matches your mood today, and use it with your balloon to inflate it so that it looks like an eyeball (if you don’t know what Nang looks like, there are pictures above!).
  • If this is your first time using your Nang, please remember that this process may take some practice before achieving optimal results—don’t be discouraged if the first few times aren’t perfect all at once! Remember: practice makes perfect! But if at any point during this process something doesn’t feel right or safe for any reason whatsoever, then stop immediately and contact someone who knows about such things for advice on what else might work better for them instead – such as maybe trying again tomorrow when everyone else isn’t around? Or asking if anyone knows someone who could help us figure out how best we could go about doing exactly what needs doing today without having any worries about being able to do so successfully.”

How do I buy Nangs online?

There are a few different ways to buy Nangs online, but ordering them directly from the manufacturer is the easiest way.

You can find that link on our homepage at, or you can go to their site and order there:

How much Nitrous Oxide is in a Nang?

Nangs are small, portable, and easy to hide, which is why they’re so popular. Unfortunately, they also contain a high amount of nitrous oxide — as much as 15%! As a result, Nang can deliver more than half the volume of an inhaler or whip cream canister. That makes nangs one of the most potent sources available anywhere.

Nang’s nitrous oxide depends on its size and the manufacturer’s recipe. Most contain between 10% and 15%.

Why do people abuse Nangs?

The effects of nangs can be dangerous if you use them too often or do not follow the instructions on taking them.

Nangs contain caffeine and other stimulants that make it possible for people to stay awake for long periods. This is why some people abuse Nangs: they want to stay up all night without falling asleep. However, abusing these drugs can cause serious health issues such as high blood pressure and heart palpitations, as well as an addiction which makes it harder for you to stop using these drugs each time you use them again in the future (Hosford et al., 2016).

In addition, individuals who abuse nangs report feeling more anxious or depressed than those who do not abuse nangs at all (Buckner et al., 2018). They also report having difficulty concentrating when they are trying their best not only during school but also in other activities where they would normally perform better when they were sober instead of being under the influence of another substance like NANGs, which makes it harder now than ever before because now there are many different types out there today so beware before buying online or anywhere else where someone might be selling fake ones that could kill instead!

Where can I buy nangs online for cheap?

You’ll find the best deals on nangs online when you shop at The site offers a wide selection of nangs and other products, including food, clothes, and electronics. Plus, you can order all your favorite brands (like Cool Ranch Doritos or Cheetos) in bulk.

Nangs are also available at Walmart, with locations around the country where customers can pick up their orders in person. But suppose you’d rather have groceries delivered right to your door. In that case, Walmart’s grocery pickup service is another good option for buying nangs online—especially if you subscribe to Amazon Prime Pantry, which gives members free shipping on orders over $35 (and includes perishable items).

Can I buy nangs at the supermarket?

The short answer is no; you cannot buy nangs at the supermarket.

If you’re wondering why that is, the reason is all about the freshness and quality of your delicious treats.

Many people have no problem buying their nangs from supermarkets and corner stores like 7-Eleven, but these stores are not authorized to sell nangs. So there are only a few places in Australia where you can buy them—even then, it depends on who stocks them!

Are nangs legal in Australia?

Nangs are legal in Australia. They are regulated by the Australian government and can be purchased through online retailers. However, nangs are not available for sale in convenience stores or corner stores like 7-Elevens. So if you want to purchase Nang, your best bet is to do so online.

How do I buy bulk nangs online in Melbourne?

You can get nangs from a nang supplier, retailer, wholesaler, and even a manufacturer. Here are some tips for each type of business:

  • Nang supplier: Find out what size batches they do (small or large), their minimum order quantity, and how quickly they can deliver your order. Do they offer free shipping? Also, check if they offer discounts on bulk orders or wholesale prices.
  • Nang retailer: Is this online store selling the product at retail price, or do they give you a discount when buying in bulk quantities? Make sure to ask these questions before making your purchase to know how much money is going towards purchasing your product rather than paying for delivery costs or other fees associated with ordering online through an online store like Amazon Australia or eBay Australia.

Can I buy nangs from the 7-Elevens or corner stores around Melbourne?

No, you can’t buy nangs from 7-Eleven or corner stores. This is because they are not legal in Australia and won’t sell them to you.

However, you can buy nangs online! In addition, you can get your hands on some nangs through approved vendors who sell them legally, and they will deliver them straight to your door (or mailbox).

Nang delivery is possible but must be done through an approved vendor.

Nang delivery is possible but must be done through an approved vendor. This means that you need to be careful where you buy nangs from. You also need to make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier and that they are licensed vendors.


It is important to note that not all nangs can be purchased online. Some websites offer to ship them worldwide, but it is best to be cautious with these sites as the FDA does not approve them. The best way to ensure you get a safe product is by ordering from a reputable seller who has been in business for years and can provide recommendations from previous customers.

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