Buy Onions from Suppliers in Bulk & Learn their Right Storage Technique

Fresh Onion Suppliers in Mexico

Onions are the biggest culinary companions no matter what the season and dish is. That’s why it is good idea to keep onions on hand and buy them in bulk from reputed online suppliers. Most of the people feel that onion storage is a herculean task; therefore they buy this vegetable in a small quantity and re-order as and when required. However, it is possible to use onions for more than a month if you stored them in the right way. So, let’s learn through this piece of writing different ways of storing different kinds of onions.

Whole Onions: Storing whole onions is easy but people often make a mistake of storing them in the refrigerator which makes them mushy and non-usable. The best way to preserve the freshness in whole onion is to store them in a cook, dark and well-ventilated room or cabinet. Do not keep them in a cloth or in a plastic bag; Keep them in a box with holes or mesh bag instead. You can easily store whole onions in this manner for a month.

Peeled Onions: Many people have the habit of buying onions in bulk from online onion suppliers and then peeling them before storing into a refrigerator. This is the right technique but partially. It is because one should store peeled onions in refrigerator after putting them into air-tight container so that they remain bacteria-free. The second important thing is to store peeled onions in glass containers only. Plastic container is a strict no-no.

Cooked Onions: People believe that the growth of bacteria does not take place during the process of cooking. So, they usually keep cooked onions in a simple container and keep it in a dark place. But bacteria growth will take place more rapidly if cooked onions are stored in this way. You need to keep unused cooked onions in a refrigerator within two hours of cooking that too in an air-tight container. After that, you should use stored cooked onions within 3-5 days. To get the best flavor even after 5 days, prefer buying fresh onions from suppliers.

Chopped Onions: Believe it or not, chopped onions remain in a usable condition for even 10 days if refrigerated properly in an airtight container. But it is advised to use chopped onions as quickly as possible for reducing the effect of oxidization that loses their vitamin content.

 Shallots: Just like whole onions, even shallots need to store in a cool and dark place with proper ventilation. You can keep them in a mesh bag or box with holes.

If you feel any change in color and smell of onions after taking from the refrigerator, throw them right away and place a new order to Onion suppliers. Spoiled onions have dark spots and even sprouting is the clear cut indicator of their spoilage. If all these signs do not appear, do not forget to trust your smell instinct. Spoiled onions have unpleasant smell. So, before using onion in any form, smell it to check its freshness level.

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