Buy Online Dance Shoes

Your ultimate personalized dance store. We sell and tell. Ask for our expert advice on shoe sizes. Know all about the unique features, and benefits of ballet leotards, top brand pointe shoes, tights or tap shoes.

Let us help you figure out what will be the best fit for your style and dance needs. It’s like shopping with a personal guideWe are authorized dealers of all top dance brands: Bloch, Capezio, Sodanca, Gaynor Minden, Grishko / Nikolay, Russian Pointe, just to name a few. Buy Online Dance Shoes

Shoes: Find your favorite ballet flats, Pointe shoes, Slip-on and lace-up Jazz dance shoes, Mary Jane Strap and Oxford style Tap shoes, Ballroom shoes for men and women and Character heels, Flamenco or Lyrical sandals, turners and pedinis.

Tights: Ballet tights include Full footed, Transition tights in Classic Ballet Pink, many shades of skin tones from Nude, Light Suntan, Coffee and Black.. Fishnets tights with or without seam, Stirrup, Full Bodytights, and even Shimmery tights are also in stock.

Apparel: Browse our vast selection of dance apparel: Leotards from classic black or pink to latest designs, prints and colors, Ballet wrap and pull-on skirts for adults and kids in solid, pastels and colorful prints, Booty Shorts in a rainbow of colors, Flamenco single color and polka dot Skirts, Tutus, Unitard body suits and much more.

Pointe Shoe Accessories: Find a complete range of pointe shoe accessories: toe tape, rosin, gel toe pads, lambswool, gel tubes, toe separators, pointe shoe ribbons and elastic, sewing kits and mesh bags. Russian Pointe Shoes

Fitness Accessories: To exercise your body and stretch leg muscles, get thera bands, turning board and stretch molds.

Dance Accessories: Add more fun to your dance class with cute dance bags in many designs and colors, tiaras, flower headbands, hair bows and ties.

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