Buy Red, White and Spring Onions from Reputed Suppliers to get Doorstep Delivery

Besides potatoes, onions are considered as a staple food item found in every kitchen. They are storehouse of flavors no matter you can eat it in a raw or cooked form. They have sweet and pungent taste and are commonly used to add depth to any dish. If you have purchased the right quality of onions from suppliers and add in any food item in the right quantity, you will get the tastiest results. You will find different kinds of onions in the market ranging from yellow, white to red. All these onions are easy to cook and use in different ways. Let’s take a close look how to use them.

Yellow Onions: As the name indicates, these onions have yellow skin with a strong flavor. Due to the high presence of sulphur content, they mellow down during cooking and give recipes sweet taste. This onion is great for roasting and caramelizing as it easily holds up the heat.  Besides roasting and caramelized, these onions have a strong flavor. For getting the best taste, try sautee them in a few tablespoon of butter for merely 10 minutes. Usually, yellow onions even make a great addition to sandwiches.

Red Onions: These onions are the most common pick for eating raw. Their magenta skin color makes a wonderful addition to salsas and salads as they have subtly sweet taste. If you find their flavor too strong to eat raw, soak them in cold water before using. Besides eating in salsa and salads, you can slice red onions into thick slices and brush them with olive oil. Grill them over medium heat for a minimum 4-6 minutes and enjoy it as a side dish over top burgers and steaks. Due to multiple uses, Onion suppliers supply maximum amount of red onions to commercial kitchens.

White Onions: This kind of onion has white papery skin with a mild flavor. Having appearance similar to yellow onions, these onions are commonly used in sandwiches and salads. Having a sweet and clean flavor, you will commonly found white onions in Mexican cuisine. Finely diced pieces are served with a number of cuisines such as with burritos, tacos, meat dishes and nachos. The white onions add a great flavor to pizza also.

Besides these onions, onion suppliers offer other varieties also. One of the most popular varieties is sweet onion. It is also known as spring, fresh and summer onion. Due to low concentration of sulfur, these onions also have sweet taste. Easy to eat in the ripe form, this variety is commonly grown in certain parts of Northwest, South and Southwest of United States including Texas, Walla Walla, Sweet Imperial, etc. The only drawback with spring sweet onion is it comes with a shorter shelf life. Therefore, either use them immediately or use them in a day or two after storing them in the refrigerator.

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