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SambaSnax is an exciting new line of unique and healthy protein snacks made here in the USA with the highest quality whey protein and exotic super fruit flavors straight from Brazil!

Here at SambaSnax we also firmly believe in giving back to under privileged communities and have proudly partnered with ‘Cities without Hunger’ to donate $0.25 per box sold in support of their fantastic work in Brazil.

Pronounced “A-Sigh-Eeeee” – Who knew?

Açai berries grow in bunches (think small grapes) on the Açai palm tree that can be found throughout the Amazonian rainforest. Buy Superfoods Online

The name of the fruit originally comes from the Amazon Native Tupi word ïwaca’i (and you thought Açai was difficult to pronounce). This means “the fruit that cries”, because of the high levels of water held inside the fruit.

Its unique and exotic flavor is slightly sweet like a blackberry and just a little bit bitter kinda like dark chocolate.

Don’t take our word for this, try this delicious snack and find out for yourself and let us know what you think?

Revitalize yourself.

This superfruit used to go by the slightly less glamorous name of the West India Cherry but we think acerola sounds way more fun.

Acerola is believed to originate from the Mexican Yucatan and spread across tropical areas throughout the world with Brazil the largest producer.

Acerola is similar to the cherry in size and has a distinct taste that is a little sweet and a little bit sour all at the same time. Healthy Snacks Online

Actually after samba and soccer we think this must be Brazil’s greatest export.

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