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Are you in the apparel manufacturing business for the past few years? Do you want to keep up with the current demands of the customers for perfect fit clothes? If yes, then you need to read this article to know about how you can bring a change in the process. Apparel manufacturing is a complicated process that involves, designing, cutting, printing, and processing a garment before it reaches the shop. Since you are in this business you might be aware of all the processes. But the most crucial thing that most manufacturers do not pay attention to is the size. Most of the clothes in the market are either too tight or too loose for the body of the customer. So, how can you make a perfect fit clothing item? It is possible only when you have the size standard. A 3D Body Measurement will surely help you create a size standard for the manufacturing of perfect fit clothes.

Full-body 3D scanners are the latest technology that will help you scan the body of multiple customers to create a size standard. These machines are equipped with the required tools to measure the body of the person. Size measurements are accurate and precise giving you correct data to create a size standard for apparel. Most of the large-scale manufacturing companies such as Levi’s make use of such 3D body scanners to create a size standard clothing for the population. Manually measuring the size of each customer can become hectic and will have errors but a point to point measurement with a 3D scanner will offer fast, comprehensive, and accurate results. Hence, buy a 3D body scanner from leading manufacturers such as [TC]².

[TC]² is amongst the leading manufacturers of the highest quality and advanced technology 3D body scanners. Based in the USA, the company was established in 1979 with a vision to help the fashion and apparel industry manufacture perfect fit clothes with the help of a size standard. A Body scanner from [TC]² has helped governmental sizing projects in the USA and the UK to create a size standard for the industry. [TC]² has also offered the 3D body scanners to research, health, and fitness industry. So, contact [TC]² to get your hands on the best 3D body scanner.

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[TC]² is the largest provider of the best 3D body scanners along with accurate knowledge about the Point To Point Measurement 3D scanning process.

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