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WalkingPad R2 with 2021 Upgrades, New Brushless Motor, Handrail, Clip, Rotary Knob, and Shell Crafting Design.

Like its predecessor R1 WalkingPad, the new 2021 R2 treadmill model has a lot of upgrades. , Foldable design lets you free up even more space. WalkingPad R2 is safe for the whole family to work out. Also, it has a remote and a phone holder with a handrail. There is Adaptive Speed Control Technology that monitors the user’s steps and their position. Thus, it can respond quickly to your intent. So, it adjusts the speed according to your walking or running intent. Plus, there is the Automatic Mode and Manual Mode for using it according to your training plan. Buy Walkingpad R2

About WalkingPad

WalkingPad was created by a group of professors, sports scientists, mechanical & electrical engineers and a product design expert in Chicago.

Through extensive research and discussions, we developed the innovative features of WalkingPad with the customer’s needs in mind. Gym equipment for sale South Africa

Superior Foldable Design

Conventional treadmills are huge and occupy unnecessary space. The WalkingPad incorporates a unique dual folding mechanism, the deck and handle can be easily folded up for compact and simple storage.

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