Buy Windows 10 Home at Discounted Rates by Using Windows 10 Home Promo Code

Use the Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Code to purchase Windows 10 Home and connect to corporate or school network.

This is a package that is exclusively for students, faculties or staff members of any college or school. However, unlike other Windows packages, you need to establish that you are an eligible student, faculty or staff member affiliated to some school or college in order to purchase the package at a special price. Once you are done with the process, you are free to utilize the offer and enjoy working on Windows 10 Home that has faster start-ups. You will come across a familiar yet expanded start menu that provides you with many exciting new ways of getting all the things done even across multiple devices.

Seamless Work: Windows 10 Home is considered to be one of the best ones to come in the recent times. It works seamlessly across all the devices. You can chat with your friend or any other person over phone. You can also start writing a document on your PC at the office. You can stop all these abruptly, close your laptop, and come back home and again pickup from the place where you left off.

Windows Ink: This is yet another exclusive feature of Windows 10 Home where you can put down all your ideas very quickly. Windows 10 Home comes with a Windows Ink Workspace that can be accessed instantly from anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, you do not have to worry about missing out on an idea or forgetting about it later as you have the option of accessing an Ink Workspace very quickly with the click of a digital pen or straight from your taskbar and put down all your ideas immediately. You also have an option of pulling up the Ink Workspace even before you log in.

Faster Sign-In: By utilizing the Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Code and purchasing the Windows 10 Home package, you will also be able to sign-in faster with the help of an exclusive feature called the Windows Hello. Generally, it takes at least 15 to 20 second’s time to sign into Windows. This means that with Windows Hello, you can sign in 3 times faster than a password. Windows 10 Home provides instant access through facial or fingerprint recognition technique. Although Windows 10 Home has the facial or fingerprint recognition feature, it also gives you the option of signing in with normal PIN as a back-up.

Robust Security System: Windows 10 Home has very strong security features. It comes with several built-in virus protection tools like Windows Defender and others that protect your device from various sophisticated threats. The security tools have the ability to identify and block ransomware too. The security features will be getting updated automatically in order to make sure that your device has complete protection from virus attacks. Windows protection is an automatic and ongoing process as the security features get updated regularly. The security tools provide your device with protection from not just current threats but also future threats. The Windows Firewall will notify you in case of any suspicious activity that might have taken place in your device. The Windows Firewall will also block your system from viruses, hackers and worms.

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