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The importance of panties in our daily lives has only increased with time to time. Earlier, it was initially a garment to protect ones modesty. But in today’s world, it can be a garment that can boost your beauty or can aid your fitness regime. But the most important thing is that, it is seen as an article of clothing that has become an essential part to women’s hygiene. The fantastic range of panties on girlsncurl is all these points and a lot more to know. Be it the modest appeal of boyshorts or the incredible comfort that cotton panties provide, is all available here.

With our focused approach to providing the best in lingerie wardrobe, girlsncurl has worked hard to provide you the best in all of the ladies underwear. Explore the various panty styles through this insightful list from one of the most popular styles available on girlsncurl.

Bikini Panties: they provide a Slim on the sides, this bikini panties feature just enough on material to cover up the bottom. And though gives an appearance of a bikini bottom. One can call them a fancy cross between both panties and briefs.

Boyshorts: Boyshorts go all the way around your hips and are seen as the most modest style in underwear fashion style. They are named after their similarity to the men’s boxer shorts. They offer a complete coverage to the sides and the front with a thong base.

Hipster Panties: This is one of the medium coverage panty which is a cross link between bikinis and boyshorts. They are less bulky than boyshorts and hipsters are an excellent choice to wear under mid-rise pants.

Thong Panties: These panties have a triangle shaped in the front. This front then goes thin on the side of the panties. Due to which, it is able to make an offer to minimal coverage on the back. You can also check out G-string panties which are mostly similar in design. But when compared to thongs, G-strings are smaller and slimmer than thongs.

Tummy-Tucker: these panties come in very handy for making tummy bulges disappear from the way it was before. They tend to make the stomach area look slimmer and fitter. The waist covers most of the entire abdomen such that it gives a perfect shape and a smooth finish all to your look.

Fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace and similar materials are usually used to all the underwear or panties. The most preferred color choice in this style is white, black, and many more different colors, with various different styles and types.

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