Buyers Guide to a Platinum Chain

Platinum Chains can be worn for a lifetime. It does not wear & tear nor lose weight.  They’re usually designed for both men and women. Men can select from a combination of classic and sturdy looks or in a Platinum & Gold two tone. Women can try lightweight Platinum chains with a beautiful diamond cutting finish and contemporary look. Platinum is expensive and hence you must be sure that the chain you are buying is made up of platinum. Here is a guide to help you find your perfect platinum chain


  1. Every piece of platinum chain comes with a Quality Assurance Card and has the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. Make sure you check the hallmark before buying it. 
  2. Platinum is a hard metal as compared to silver. When you buy the platinum chain, try running your nail along the surface. If the metal has scratches, it is not pure platinum. It could be silver or platinum alloyed with silver.
  3. Precious metals such as platinum are nonmagnetic. To test the purity of platinum, bring it near a magnet. If it reacts to the chain, then it is not platinum or is a platinum alloy.
  4. If your platinum chain needs to be repaired, use pure platinum for the same. Sometimes jewelers use white gold to resize jewelry. This can lead to dirty marks where the metals have been soldered together.
  5. Keep in mind to store your platinum chain in a fabric-lined box with individual pockets. This makes sure that your chain does not rub against other jewelry.

 Platinum on its own is 30 times rarer than gold. It is more durable than other jewelry metals due to its density. Platinum Chains will make every occasion special. So, don’t wait till a wedding or engagement to own a piece of platinum or to gift one.

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