Buying a Baby Stroller? Look Out for These Eight Features

Are you going to be a proud parent to a beautiful baby? If yes, you are entering one of the most amazing phases of your life, becoming parents. Now, as a parent, you will always want to make the right choice for your baby. And the biggest investment that you will make for your new-born is buying an egg stroller. A baby stroller will help you take your baby with you comfortably wherever you go. But before you buy any baby stroller, make sure to look out for these important features.

· Seats: When you are buying a stroller, make sure to choose the one that can convert into a car seat or a bassinet. Also, there are some models out there that can turn into a double stroller. This is a great option if you have twins.

· Handlebar: Choose a stroller that has a height-adjustable handlebar that will make pushing a stroller comfortable and easy.

· Wheels: Based on your location, you must choose the wheels of the stroller. Rubber coated plastic wheels are great for the city but if you live in rough terrain, choose foam-filled or pneumatic wheels for your strollers.

· Canopy: The stroller usually has a canopy to open and close the top of the stroller. Make sure to check it for loud noises before buying.

· Shocks: Strollers must have a shock spring to give your baby a less bumpy ride.

· Fold: Choose a stroller that can fold into a compact space easily. This will make it easy to carry.

· Brakes and locks: Choose a stroller that has brakes and locks at the handlebar or the foot.

· Basket: Lastly, test the basket of the stroller for ease of use.

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