Buying a Caravan – Avoid Scams

If the absence of mechanical parts protects you from a certain number of hidden defects, some precautions are still necessary to successfully purchase your second-hand caravan.The more careful the inspection of your “future” caravan, the more likely you are to avoid further small or big problems.


Here is everything you need to check while choosing caravan for sale on site, starting with the seal:


  1. Wall joining profiles: They are sensitive to water infiltration. Same for the corners. Check the elasticity of the mastic and its good spreading under all the aluminum profiles.


  1. Puttying any holes:If accessories such as awnings or bicycle racks have been removed, check that the holes necessary for fixing them have been correctly filled.


  1. Underbody: They must not show any signs of shock.


  1. The roof and roof skylights:Check that the roof has not been perforated (branches, hail) and that the skylights are watertight when closed. Hence the usefulness of a stepladder that the seller will probably not have on hand.


  1. Stabilization jacks: With the crank which must be supplied with the caravan, check that the stabilization jacks unfold and fold up without having to force.


  1. Cylinders: They must not show any cracks or hernias and the tread must have sufficiently deep tread patterns. Be careful, the tires wear out even without rolling. If the Norfolk Static caravan has been parked for a long time on its tires, its carcass will very likely have deformed.

Ideally, and regardless of the number of kilometers driven, caravan tires should be changed every five years.


  1. The gas cylinder box:The key must be available and the trunk must lock and unlock without difficulty. Take the opportunity to check that there are no traces of moisture on the boot floor.


  1. Signal fires: Ask the seller to hitch his caravan to his car or, better, hitch it to your own car (if you came with a vehicle equipped with a hitch!). Check the operation of all the lights (stop lights, direction indicators, position lights, fog lights, number plate lighting).


  1. The coupling head: Coupling and uncoupling must be carried out without difficulty. Check that the wheel is working properly and that there are no traces of oxidation on the electrical outlet.


  1. Electronics:Test the proper functioning of all appliances, gas for the gas stove, gas, and electricity for the fridge and heating.


  1. Toilet: Check that the chemical toilet is working properly and that water drains from the sink and shower. Finally, check that the hot water is really hot.


Thus, you need to check all these things while going for caravan sales Suffolk.


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