Buying a FASTag? Learn about it through these FAQs

The National Highway Authority of India initiative for improved tolling system-FASTag has now widely spread in all the tool booths across the country. It was introduced to curb the issues of congested traffic and a lengthy toll collection process. It allows you to get through the lanes without any intervention.

Now, if this is your first time getting the card, you may have many questions. It can get confusing to understand its technicalities, and it is natural to have some concerns. The electronic toll collection system is much simpler than it seems.

These FAQs should guide you:

From where can I buy the tag?

You get it in both online and offline modes. If you want to get it by following the detailed procedure in one go, you can visit the authorised toll plazas or issuers. They ask for your personal information and documents for the application. The other way is to get it through banks. The NHAI authorises 22 banks to issue it. Complete the process and get it delivered to your address.

How to activate the FASTag?

You self-activate it by downloading the MyFASTag app and entering your details. You have the option to either load the tag wallet or link it to your bank account. You can also buy it from the bank and get it connected.

MyFASTag card is not working. What should I do?

Firstly, check if you have sufficient balance and recharge for the same. If everything seems right, yet the issue persists, then contact the toll-free number of NHAI or your issuer to register the complaint.

Can I use one tag for two vehicles?

No, because the FASTag electronic toll collection system works by scanning the sticker affixed on the vehicle’s windshield. Each tag has a unique code. It ends up damaged upon removal, which affects its working.

Does it work everywhere in India, or is there a procedure to port it?

Yes, it works all over India. However, if you shift to a different city, make sure to inform your issuer bank to change the address for hassle-free toll payment.

What happens to the sticker when I sell my car?

As it is a vehicle-specific tag and stays intact once affixed, you must deactivate and close your account in such transfers. Call your tag issuer to inform the same and submit your request. You can also visit the portal and select the Service request > Generate service request and opt for the RFID tag or wallet closure.

What documents do I need for purchasing?

You must submit your passport-sized photo, identity proof, residence proof and vehicle registration certificate to buy the FASTag online and offline. You also provide your personal and vehicle details in the concerned issuer’s application form.

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