Buying a house: choosing a location in Ibiza

Are you planning to buy a house in Ibiza? Buying a house in Ibiza involves a number of steps and you should be aware of these before proceeding with the purchase. With all the beautiful properties available, how do you narrow down the choice? Here are the key factors you should consider:


When buying a house on the White Isle, the neighbourhood is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. A sought-after area will remain an asset no matter how the real estate market fluctuates in future. If you plan on buying to rent, discover Ibiza’s rental hotspots. If you’re buying a property to live in, you should consider your location wisely. Choosing a house in town (or close to it) will give you access to comforts and amenities that you wouldn’t get in a rural area. However, if you pick the countryside, you will benefit from peace and quiet, also during the busy summer months. Read our previous post to discover the different areas of the island & the lifestyle there. Villas sales ibiza


If you are planning to move to Ibiza with your kids, the school catchment area is a key consideration. Buying a house in close proximity to a good school will not only make your life easier, but it will maximise the value of your investment too. If you want to know which school options are available in Ibiza, read here.


It is also very important to consider how far your house will be from your place of work as the length of your daily commute can affect your quality of life. Bear in mind that during the summer season, roads get very busy and if you live and work on opposite sides of the island, you could be looking at a lengthy daily commute. Also consider what you enjoy doing in your free time. If you love to spend the evening out, you might not be happy living somewhere with few restaurants and bars, and little nightlife. But if you enjoy walking in the countryside and being away from the hustle and bustle, that might be less of an issue.

Once you have a shortlist with the factors that matter most to you, contact us to find your dream property in your ideal location.

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