Buying Guide for Disposable Plastic Gloves in India

The pandemic has made Buy Disposable Plastic Gloves in India a household commodity in India, readily available online and offline. This fundamental is not limited to the gloves; masks, face shields and other plastic protective equipment are now sold in every second store. Yes, the pandemic necessitated it, and we are not complaining. But this easy availability resulted in severe problems; people used these protective gears, and while storing or disposing of the used ones, did not take prudent precautions making these used equipment a house of terror.


In this blog, let’s analyze the advantage of using disposable gloves instead of their reusable counterparts and a brief history about the use of gloves as protective equipment.

Bomb of infection

During the pandemic, the government and the medical entities encouraged people to use gloves, face masks, and shields, as the lockdown restrictions were eased, and people were allowed to travel under social distancing restrictions. However, one thing that these bodies failed to do was to train people with the correct procedure to store them in case of the reusable ones. Many people wore the same masks and used the same gloves repeatedly without adequately sterilizing them, in the case of reusable ones. Many individuals got infected because of this pattern of use. Thus, investing in reusable gloves is like inviting the germs indoors when you use the gloves to protect you from these microscopic creatures outdoors.

Everything about gloves

The medical industry invented gloves to shield hands from germs, viruses, bacteria, blood spills, and others.

William Stewart Halsted, chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins hospital, invented wearing gloves during surgeries. However, his wife – Caroline Hampton, who worked as a nurse at the same hospital, was the first to wear gloves during surgery. Halsted curated the concept of wearing gloves after his wife complained of some infection on her hands owing to the harsh disinfectants like carbolic acid and mercuric acid.

In no time, this became a common practice with doctors and nurses worldwide to wear gloves while surgeries or other medical procedures.

Though Halsted incepted the concept, which became a common practice in no time, he did not wear gloves until 1899. What caused a shift of opinion then? A report published by Dr Joseph Bloodgood concluded, after 450 hernia operations, using gloves in the surgical procedure resulted in an almost 100% drop in the number of infections. This finding reflected the importance of wearing gloves not only for protecting yourself from infections but also for the lives of the patients.

Industries Using Gloves as a Mandate

Disposable gloves offer the wearer a tight, secure fit, making working with these more accessible and more sensitive. The primary purpose of using gloves in all industries is to protect hands, and this purpose has not changed even today.

Medical Industry

The Healthcare industry is the largest user of disposable gloves. They work as shields between hands and biohazardous material such as blood, faeces, urine, saliva, and other bodily fluids. Disposable gloves work dually, as the protect the patients as well from cross-contamination.

Other professionals such as police officers, EMTs, and firefighters use gloves to protect their hands from contact with blood and body fluids.


Our frightened furry friends are likely to pee wherever they are in case of stress or fright. Thus, all the helpers and doctors at vet care are made to use gloves. However, there are other crucial reasons as well to support this practice. The bacterium found in feral cats, young kittens and stray dogs can cause a minor human disease called catch scratch from their scratches or bites.

Also, animals are as likely to have infections as humans. Thus, using hand gloves at the vet care prevents these animals from contacting any cross-examination.

Tattoo Shop

Tattoos often make you bleed, and disposable gloves protect both the tattoo artist and the customer.

Food Industry

We are thankful to Dr Halsted for his invention, as food handling and cooking have become more hygienic. If a food holder or a cook have any infections, the gloves act as a barrier between the germs and the food.

Moreover, it also assists the food industry workers with chapped and dry hands, which results in the need to wash hands without using gloves constantly.

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