Buying Guide For Resorbable Sutures

To put it simply, sutures are the threads used to close surgical wounds. To ensure minimum risk of infection, innovative technologies are being implemented and resulted in time tested options for sealing the surgical incisions. There are two types of sutures, resorbable and non-resorbable. In dental surgeries, resorbable sutures are mostly utilized. There are many brands dealing in resorbable sutures like Vicryl, Petcryl and Unify. For a smooth healing process, dental surgeons often prefer using PGA sutures that are resorbable and better than others.

What are Resorbable PGA Sutures?

The human body produces enzymes to break down the resorbable sutures. Some variants degrade very quickly and others work in a slow mode. After about one to three weeks, the sutures tend to lose their tensile strength and get dissolved. The self-dissolving features ensure that no follow-up appointments are needed for the removal of the suture. Additionally, the risks of infection are also decreased with auto dissolving threads.

The most trusted and industry-approved fibre for sutures is polyglycolic acid, or PGA. For its excellent handling properties, PGA is trusted by dental surgeons all over the globe. It never irritates the tissues and meets all the requirements established by health associations all over the world.

Comparison between Vicryl and Unify sutures

So now the question arises, which is the best PGA suture that has 100% glycolide. The few options are Vicryl and Unify rule the market for being the most efficient synthetic resorbable sutures. To compare the two options, you can consider factors such as tensile strength, total absorption time and ideal suture diameters.

The strength of Vicryl Sutures start to decline after 21 days and the total absorption time is up to 70 days. On the other hand, Unify sutures have a strength duration of 28-35 days and total absorption occurs between 55 to 70 days. However, the ultra-sharp Unify sutures are designed to minimize trauma and also assures to lessen the risk of infection.

Final word

For a smooth penetration and risk-free healing Unify Sutures are proven effective. The predictable absorption profiles make healing estimation easier. If you are a dental professional and looking for reliable polyglycolic sutures, then get in touch with Dental Implant Technologies. They stock a vast range of both resorbable and non-resorbable sutures for dental surgeries.

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