Buying Liquidation Stock in Mixed Lots

Resale business is a great option for generating extra income. Besides that, some people may also take it as a full-time job and make a profit. The best thing is that you may start small, take some time, and breathe space to expand in your niche. Knowing the target audience is key to succeed in the resale business. However, if you are not sure, then buying mixed lots can be a nice way to begin and make money through liquidation sales.

What a Mixed Lot is?

Also known as general merchandise, these are customer returns that are packed together in pallets or truckloads. They have mixed types of merchandise with no specific kind of products packed into lots. That is why they prove to be great for examining the market. One trick is to make a list of different categories and see which ones sold fastest, which ones gave the biggest profit marketing, and which ones did not sell. While you are in the market research stage, mixed lots can be great investments before committing to a particular liquidation stock category.

Since you can buy mixed lots from liquidation auctions at extremely cheap rates, the investment you make is low, the risk is minimum, and you gain maximum exposure to different types of markets and audiences. Over time, you will learn which market works the best for you. If your products sell fast, it’s good, but if not, you know you should not invest there anymore. Mixed lots you buy from liquidation sales online or offline are the cheapest, fastest, and the best way of testing several markets simultaneously.

Places to Buy Mixed Lots of Liquidation Stock

Around 30% of products sold online are returned to their stores. Therefore, you can find a steady flow of such merchandise from retail giants like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Although securing liquidation stock directly from such retailers is not easy, you may easily find them at liquidation auctions and liquidation sales online. Big-size liquidators take truckloads of these returns every day and resell them to small-scale resellers in manageable volumes. So, you can find truckloads or pallets of liquidation stock at much lower prices.

How To Buy Mixed Lots from Liquidators?

Whether you are just starting out or already in the business, buying mixed lots is just like buying inventory from other platforms. Browse through their inventory and buy. Some liquidators also set up an auction process. Once you find a mixed lot that you like within your budget, just make arrangements for its payment and delivery. However, before you select a stock to buy, give attention to the manifest that includes details about the type, quantity, quality, and other information about the stock.

So, if you have made up your mind to try your luck in the liquidation business, start with a mixed lot from a reputed liquidator like Merchandise USA. With this, you can get an idea about the market and your target audience and decide in which direction you must proceed to gain success and make a profit.

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