Buying Liquidation Stock of Clothes for Less

Whether you own a clothing store or you are planning to begin a business in selling clothes, your top priority would be to stock up at lowest cost possible. Just like any other type of merchandise, your aim would be to buy stock for less, so that you can gain maximum profit from reselling the products. The same applies to clothing.

While there are so many stores selling out clothes, staying updated with the current fashion is a difficult task. That is why you can look for liquidation sales online where you can find latest fashion clothing within budget.

Why Liquidation Auctions?

Wholesale suppliers are the most common route people take to buy brand new stock of clothes. Directly buying from the manufacturer can also be the best option, but there will be a minimum order limit which you may not want to afford. So, what can be the next best possible source? You may buy pallets of closeout clothes from reputed liquidation companies. You may take part in liquidation auctions to get the best deals.

There is a misconception that most of the liquidation stock is used and second hand, and no one likes to wear used clothes, but in reality, that is not always the case. Done the demand for clothes is heavily dependent on trends and seasons, you can easily get stock that is pulled off the shelves in brand new condition.

Owners of this stock prefer liquidating this outdated merchandise instead of having it lie in their warehouse for the next season sale. By the time next summer comes, certain items will not remain as much in demand as they were the last season. So, retailers liquidate this merchandise at reduced prices in order to get some return on their initial investment. With this, they free up some space in their storage house for the stock coming in for the next seasons.

Next, they can be customer returned products. When purchasing clothes online, even if you know are sure about your size and measurements, some clothes may look good in online images, but may not properly fit you. Sometimes customers may return items because of wrong color, low quality, wrong fit, etc. There can be plenty of reasons why people return merchandise. Sellers can hand over these customer-returned products to liquidators instead of trying to sell them again. Such products are also in brand new condition, or tried only once and returned.

Whatever is the case, you would always want to work with a liquidator, as they would handle merchandise in large amounts at a time. Instead of selling products to the secondary market, retailers sell them to the wholesale liquidators who sell them to their buyers after breaking them up into smaller lots. Buying such liquidation stock allows you to pass on the savings during the process. Rates at liquidation sales online are quite below their wholesale prices, which is why liquidation companies like Merchandise USA are the best place to look for affordable wholesale clothing.

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