Buying Muffle Furnace for Lab? Consider These Points First

A Muffle furnace is a dedicated electric heating appliance designed to cool air in a room. These furnaces are designed to reach a high-temperature value than normal furnaces. Several scientists prefer such furnaces due to their low proportional energy consumption and higher thermal insulation with uniform heat distribution.

Many people consider buying the best muffle furnace for their lab. Still, before doing so, it’s important to consider certain aspects of its application and operation, such as measuring and controlling energy consumption. A few such important points to consider while buying muffle furnaces are detailed here:

  • Energy Consumption

Before buying a muffle furnace, it is important to measure the energy consumption with the help of an accurate energy meter. This can be done through a proper heat monitoring system or purchasing a heat transmitting thermometer. First, measure the temperature in the room and then take readings from different places around it. Then calculate the thermal values with formulas given in this article. Next, calculate the annual fuel saving by comparing these figures with other furnaces of similar power and size.

  • High-Temperature Range

Considering the muffle furnace with a high-temperature range and durability is essential. Some furnaces go up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to use them for various industrial processes. You need a furnace that supports heating at a high-temperature range, so you do not miss any marks in your lab. You can search  Muffle Furnace for Sale at Global Lab Supply to find some of the best pieces in the market.

  • Insulation

Insulation also plays an important in deciding whether the furnace you are buying is reliable or not. Several factors determine the insulation capacity of a muffle furnace. They are:

  • The design of the machine
  • The material used in its construction
  • Its energy consumption capacity
  • The operation mode (continuous or intermittent) of the machine

Furthermore, you can also compare another muffle furnace’s heating capacity and efficiency in your lab.

  • Volume and Portability

It is essential to consider convenience while you are buying a muffle furnace. Muffle furnaces are designed to provide a hot and dry working place with low noise. Hence, they are compacted to adapt to different working conditions. The moveable design also makes it easy to carry them from one location of your lab. You can also attach them with wheels and bring them easily from one place to another when required or from one room to another.

The performance life of the heater is important for its operational reliability and longevity. Also, avoiding making costly mistakes may save you money on your monthly power bill. If you’re looking for the perfect muffle furnace for your lab, then make sure to consider these above-shared points before you start shopping.

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