Buying the Right Olive Oil for Your Intended Use

Olive oil originated from the Mediterranean where it was used for different uses. Now, most of the world has adopted it for its uses as well as versatility. While some would rather use olive oil for food, others use it for their skin and some for their hair.

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If you are planning to use olive oil for a range of uses, then you ought to know the best type of olive oil to buy for intended use.

Here are some types of olive oils and their various uses

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality of olive oil. It is produced using the cold processing method which ensures its natural ingredients are not altered on exposure to high-temperature conditions. This results in a low acid content compared to other types. When you buy organic extra virgin olive oil, you can use it for a variety of uses which include cooking, dressing salads, making infused oils like fresh rosemary infused oil and many more.

  • Virgin oil

Virgin oil is an unrefined olive oil that is also extracted using the cold pressing technique. While it is temperature resistant, it has a high level of acid content when compared to extra virgin olive oil. It is suitable for low temp cooking and dressing salads. It can also be used to make infused oils like the fresh rosemary infused oil due to its slightly mild taste

  • Refined olive oil

However refined, this type of olive oil is considered low quality due to its level of relevant ingredients. During the refining process, some of the natural aromas, colour and ingredients are lost. Although it still contains the same level of fat and calories as others, these qualities only make it suitable for high temp cooking.

  • Pure virgin oil

Pure olive oil is made from a blend of refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. At the end of the refining process, one might end up with lower quality oil than expected. To further improve the quality of the oil, extra virgin oil is added to the refined oil to make pure virgin oil which has increased vitamin E content and flavour compared to the refined olive oil. It is regarded as an all-purpose cooking oil.

  • Olive pomace oil

This is the type of olive oil with the lowest quality. During the extraction process, after the fruit has been pressed, oil and water from the extraction process are left behind. This oil is then separated from the water to make olive pomace oil. If the quality is lower than expected, extra virgin oil is mixed with it to further improve its quality. The olive pomace oil is most suitable for high temp cooking.


Amongst all these types, extra virgin olive oil remains the best olive oil for a wide range of uses. When you buy organic extra virgin olive oil, then you have a multipurpose oil in your hands.

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