BYD appears to have a layout in smart door lock chips in addition to power devices.

The quick expansion of the door lock industry to intelligence has been aided by the development of the Internet of Things and smart homes, as well as technological iteration, and the door lock has officially entered the development path of intelligence and industrialization.

Up to now, the application penetration rate of smart door locks in China is relatively low compared with foreign countries. Based on my country’s huge population base and the number of houses, the domestic smart door lock market has a lot of room for growth.

BYD launched a smart door lock master control chip that integrates touch and RFID “three-in-one” in August 2020, making it China’s first all-in-one smart door lock chip. This chip integrated the touch function and the RFID card detection function on the same chip for the mainstream smart door lock solutions at the time, eliminating the need to purchase another chip to achieve a single function, greatly simplifying the difficulty of product development and shortening the product development cycle.

BYD’s newly released “four-in-one” smart door lock MCU is an upgrade on the basis of the previous generation “three-in-one” MCU, with the newly added voice playback function. Compared with the previous generation products, the BF5885AM64 has different degrees of improvement in terms of integration, performance, and low power consumption.

In terms of product parameters, the BF5885AM64 uses a 32-bit Cortex-M0 data processing core based on the ARM architecture, with a peak frequency of 48MHz. The main reason for using this core is that compared with other 16-bit and 8-bit processors, CortexM0 has higher computing performance and lower overall dynamic power consumption, which is very suitable for low-power IoT applications such as smart door locks. . In the actual power consumption test, the static power consumption of BF5885AM64 is less than 30uA (touch button@4Hz, RFID@2Hz), which is better than the industry average.

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