Cable Crossover Guide – How to use cable crossover machine

If you have been to a gym, you have likely seen a cable crossover machine. These machines are a common addition to most public or private gyms – as well as home gyms. They make a full-body workout possible – and even easy – but first, you’ll have to know how to use one!

What Is A Cable Crossover Machine?

The problem with cable crossover machines is that they are tall, sometimes bulky, and often intimidating machines. They can really make new users worry about using them incorrectly. However, making good use of them is all a matter of understanding how they work.

There are lots of different models, but in general, all of these machines use a pair of pulleys and weights to function. The resistance provided by these weighted cords makes strengthening muscles all over the body simple. Maybe that’s why so many people purchase these machines for their own home or private gyms!

Big Benefits of Using a Cable Crossover Machine

Interested in learning to use a cable crossover machine? You’re not alone; this popular machine has plenty of benefits for the whole body.

Just some of these are:

  • Continuous core engagement. The entire time you are using a cable crossover machine, you are engaging the muscles of your midsection. This makes for a powerful core workout – one of the things most people are always on the lookout for
  • Increased safety as compared to lifting free weights. If you are interested in strength training, this resistance-style machine offers a much safer way to do so – especially if you are inexperienced.
  • Personalized, full-body workouts. No matter what part of the body you are hoping to strengthen during your workouts, using the cable crossover machine is a great way to create the perfect workout for your individual needs.

How to Use Your Cable Crossover Machine

Now you know why so many people want one of these popular machines – so, how do you use one?

  • First, set your resistance. Start low if you are a new user.
  • Take hold of the handles or strap in your feet, depending on how you intend to use the machine in your workout.
  • Maintain a straight position and step or move away from the machine in a straight line. Curving one way or another too much can create imbalanced workouts or even injury.
  • If working your upper body, extend the arms fully in a wide arc from the sides until you feel the strength in the muscles of your chest. The movement should occur only at the shoulder during this type of exercise and even, steady breathing should be maintained throughout.
  • Return the arm or leg to the starting position in a slow, steady pace. Remember to breathe throughout the entire exercise to avoid injury.
  • Repeat the exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions.

As mentioned previously, there are nearly endless possibilities for using these machines. For more ways to work this valuable tool into your fitness routine, talk to your fitness instructor. You’ll be surprised at just how many ways there are to use it – and reasons to bring one home yourself!

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