Call in a lawyer after an accident: is it worth it?

Did you know in the case of your accident, California motorcycle accident lawyers can help you communicate with insurance companies. Conversely, you shouldn’t do without a lawyer even if everyone involved agrees that you aren’t to blame for the clash.

You do not negotiate directly with the other parties involved in the accident, but with their insurance companies.

Of course, they want to pay as little as possible and therefore commission experts to find the cheapest way for them. They usually justify this with that part of the jurisdiction that plays into their cards.

Motorcycle accident lawyers California specializing in accident law and traffic law can determine whether this applies to your accident at all and which judgments have been left out by the insurance company.

Even the Court of Justice confirms that you, as an innocent person involved in an accident, have the right to call in a lawyer immediately after an accident.

This is based on the principle of equal opportunities: after all, opposing insurance companies can demonstrate significantly more experience and expert knowledge than injured parties.

Rental car or compensation – what are you entitled to?

Many of those affected often do not know what rights they have. After an accident, a lawyer will determine exactly whether, for example, a claim for damages can be asserted.

The opposing insurance company may also have to finance a rental car until the damage to your vehicle has been repaired. Again, it is advisable to leave the sometimes difficult communication with a lawyer.

You can also be entitled to compensation after an Orange County motorcycle accident – in this case too, a lawyer can sound out what amounts you can claim.

Call in a lawyer after an accident: What are the costs and who will pay them?

Many shy away from contacting a lawyer after a car accident because of the cost. But you don’t always have to pay the fees.

After the car accident, give your lawyer the task of critically monitoring the claims settlement by the insurance company. As a rule, it is not you but the insurance company that has to bear the costs.

Basically: If you are not guilty of the car accident, the lawyer will be paid by the opposing liability insurance company.

If, however, there is a partial debt, the insurer of the other party involved in the accident will only pay part of the legal fees: namely that relating to the debt of your opponent.

Discuss this option with one of the best motorcycle law firms beforehand. Many legal experts agree to limit your assignment not to the total damage to the vehicle, but to the culpable part of your opponent.





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