Call of Duty Has Many New Upcoming Changes Including the Modern Warfare Update

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting a huge patch! This came across as a piece of news in June. Along with this, some interesting changes are also coming for the Season 4 Warzone and MW Multiplayer. Yes, Call of Duty has brought back with some amazing gems for you to discover.  It is not new for gamers to realize that CoD Warzone’s meta has undergone many changes and has solidified across different load-outs, Grau being one of them. A completely loaded Grau will be a favorite for many as it can do critical damage. This damage can be done from both short and long distances. Moreover, the added magazine sizes, too, have undergone some changes.

No worries! The moments of “urgh”s will not last for long, as Infinity Ward is all set to bring some needful changes for Season 4. A Call of Duty Warfare update is to be launched soon. However, many say that this will not include all the relevant changes. Yet, it is widely known that Call of Duty loves changing and modifying, and thus all the desired changes are expected to come with the next COD patch.

According to a community manager, the upcoming update is nothing but a mere playlist one. Great modifications like the weapon changes will be coming in a future update.

There is no doubt that Activision is often referred to as the first and the best news provider for the world of video games. Thus, many eyeballs are waiting for an Activision blog to reveal more about Warzone and Modern Warfare updates.

The CoD team has already shared some hints about the upcoming updates to keep the gamers excited for a while. Call Of Duty has a special way of launching its updates. It is seen that CoD Modern Warfare updates usually commence on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the UK. If you live in the United States, this could mean that the fresh Warzone Season 4 update can arrive on June 30th.

The list of updates doesn’t end here. The developers are also planning for other important updates for Modern Warfare and Warfare Season 4. This includes the release of the Juggernaut Mode. Furthermore, some beautiful map changes in CoD Warzones are also expected for the coming weeks. Gamers had been waiting for this change for a long time.

Weapon rebalancing is going to be updated in the coming weeks. This will surely make many go crazy for the game. Who doesn’t love some extra thrilling challenges in CoD?

Source: Call of Duty Has Many New Upcoming Changes Including the Modern Warfare Update

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