Call of Duty Mobile: Rumors Say Season 9 May Have World War 2 Theme

A recent rumor of Call of Duty Mobile suggests that Season 9 will release with a fan favorite “World War 2” theme. There’s pretty solid evidence that will ensure its possibility. The biggest evidence is that players have seen the “World War 2 themes Shipment map” on test servers, and there’s a huge possibility it will be released soon in the future. Fans are aware that Season 9 is releasing soon because Season 8 is about to end. Call of Duty Mobile is silent and not providing any type of news for the upcoming Season. However, fans are way more informed about what’s coming next, but currently, there’s no possibility.

If the following rumors are real, Season 9 will be known as “Conquest” that will feature some items and characters of World War 2. It might include the Kar98 in Call of Duty Mobile. Fans can only assume what would happen in the game because no news has been revealed from officials.

The biggest leak of Season 9 right now is the introduction of the “Shipment” map that focuses on World War 2. If this leak turns out to be true, fans would be so excited about the new content. There’s also one more rumor spreading that new characters will be Viktor Reznov, Lev Kravchenko, Nikto, Edward Richtofen, and other stages and items.

All this information is not official right now because Activision is silent about every kind of announcement. Fans have high hopes from the upcoming season, but they’ll get disappointed if things don’t go according to the leaks. Season 8 is very close to the end, and as per the last few seasons, the Season 9 might bring some cool items and content.

Call of Duty Mobile is among the top-rated mobile games. This battle royale game brought a new type of trend in the battle royale mode. Indeed Call of Duty is popular in PC and consoles, but Call of Duty Mobile also has a huge fanbase.

Conclusion – According to the leaks, Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile can be extremely great if Activision brings the following content in the game. Fans are curious to know what will happen in the upcoming Season. There’s a huge possibility that Call of Duty Mobile will release new characters and items in the game.

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