Call of Duty Mobile Will Bring Two Modern Warfare Maps in Next Big Update

Battle royale games in mobile gaming are as popular as the console and PC games. Most of the mobile players love to play battle royale games such as PUBG and COD. PUBG brought the battle royale trend in mobile gaming and COD raised the battle royale mode to advanced level. In terms of bringing new challenging tasks, competition amongst players, and rewards, COD is always at the top. Now Call of Duty Mobile will soon bring two Call of Duty Modern Warfare maps. From the reports, it’s been confirmed that COD Mobile will soon add two maps: “Terminal” and “Shipment.”

Right now, both of these maps are working on public test servers and they will be released soon. The public test servers are useful for developers and help get the feedback from other gamers. Developers often try out some new ideas on large public test servers. It also helps the developers learn about the glitches and bugs that can appear. However, with a proper update, developers usually remove them.

Call of Duty Mobile Will Bring Two Modern Warfare Maps in Next Big Update

Both Shipment and Terminal maps will get featured with their original layout rather than customized layouts that were found in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In the same essence, the “Shipment” map has the theme of World War II. It will be a nostalgic experience for those who have played the original version.

Currently, there has been no announcement from the Call of Duty Mobile about the upcoming maps. However fans have noticed the maps on the test server, but the developers of the game are still silent about the maps.

It will be a great surprise when Call of Duty Mobile brings these mega maps in the game. “Shipment” and “Terminal” both maps are taken from the PC version. Players who have played the Call of the Duty PC version must be well acquainted with the maps. In the mobile device, the gameplay experience and optimization of the game are fabulous. There are several modes like Frontline, Domination, Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch included in the game to play.

Now that Shipment and Terminal maps are on public test servers, it is confirmed that the COD team is up to something, even if they haven’t confirmed it. Players can play on these maps, but they might face some bugs and glitches while playing. So until the actual update releases, players have to wait.

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