Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Best Season 4 Loadouts

With every new season of Warzone and Modern Warfare, meta changes as per the introduction of the latest firearms and replaces the old ones. Every new season comes with a fresh new look of weapons, and soon these weapons get adjusted into the tiers. Most of the time, new weapons get added with the latest balancing changes in mid-season. It also gives every player a chance to play with every weapon and discover its weaknesses and strengths. Now that season 4 is about to end, it is the right time to know the best-built loadouts.

The Broken FAL and the Zero Recoil RAM-7

These two best builds of Season 4 came from an unexpected place. RAM 7’s tremendous DPS was only limited to the close-range because of its strange recoil pattern. The FAL has been considered as a middling gun with a very low firing rate.

FAL was a useful DMR because it worked in mid-tier perfectly. However, it was never considered as a preferred gun for any player. After the Season 4 Reload update, FAL improved a lot, especially in the close-range and with few more stats. Along with all the following changes, FAL is now one of the deadliest and fastest killing weapons. With the support of the XRK Marksman barrel, a suppressor, 30 round magazines, decent optic, and commando foregrip FAL has become a top-ranked beast.

Unlike FAL, RAM-7 did not receive any special improvement, but still, this weapon is a viable option for players. RAM-7 was always a preferable choice for its tremendous DPS, but some players failed to manage its recoil. With the help of FSS Ranger barrel, commando foregrip, monolithic suppressor, TAC laser, and 50 round magazines, RAM-7’s recoil dropped to the minimum.

The Pro MP5 and Tfue’s MP7

High profile streamers and popular players use this loadout. Fans are always curious to know what the preferable loadouts of their favorite streamer are? In Season 4, Scum’s MP5 was the preferable build. The iron sites of MP5 are fairly great in the close range.

A well-known Fortnite player, “Tfue” was playing Warzone and built a powerful MP7 setup. However, the MP7 is faster and better in close range than MP5. With the help of Tac Laser, FSS recon barrel, 60 rounds magazines, and Merc foregrip, MP7 is considered as an all-rounder weapon with great range and ammo.

The M4A1 Triple Threat

The popularity and power of M4A1 are not going down. Indeed it is the most versatile weapon in the game that offers a wide variety of ammunition choices. It can be customized for any preferable playstyle. Unlike any other weapons, M4A1 doesn’t fit with any particular setup, but a player can customize it as per their playstyle. M4 has its own specialty, and that’s the reason players still prefer to use it.

Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is completely outstanding. It brought a slew of changes to the Warzone battle royale spinoff.

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Source: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Best Season 4 Loadouts

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