Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Easily Win in Reinforce Matches

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare came up to a level of never going back because with every new update they are going up and their popularity as COD franchise is increasing too. Currently, in PC, PS4, and Xbox One, they are getting a high hour of average play from the game. It’s a megahit in the gaming industry that surpassed the record of $1 billion sales worldwide, which is a next-level achievement. In this FPS series, the second season released and with it came new modes alongside maps that are keeping the game interesting for every player.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

With the new season came a new game mode named Reinforce. It’s an already tactical game, but this particular game mode is bringing out innovation within every gamer. And that is exactly why using strategy in the multiplayer is required. Working together with teammates and being fast for capturing the flags are the two significant things that players need to keep in mind to victorious in the match.

Rush to Capture Flags Around the Map

In the Reinforce match, you need to be fast and be accurate towards every strategy to win the match. It’s a multiplayer mode of the game just like Ghost of Infinite Warfare. In Reinforce, you need to capture three flags while dealing with the opponents. To make the new mode excessive difficult night vision mode is added where playing and winning will be too tough. From three different ways, Reinforce match players can win, which is:

  • Capture all three the flags to win faster.
  • Kill every enemy and eliminate them from the match.
  • Having a higher number of flags at the time of timer ends.

If you die before winning the match, then you will be sent to spectator mode where you can just see your teammates doing battle for flags. However, you can rejoin the match as your team capture all flags, and you will be entered in the match again.

Make Strategy to Work Together with Teammates

One of the most important things for winning in the Reinforce match is the strategy and team support. If you want to win the game, then you need to make a strategy that comes in favour of your teammates. It, not a solo game, and even if you are an experienced shooter player, you still can’t win the match. For working as a team, you need to capture the flag from all sides at once without engaging in battle from the front side.

Go for the flags A and C because these flags will be at the nearest location when your match starts. Take both flags A and C as soon possible because after getting these both you and your team can go together for taking the flag B. As a team going forward to flag B, it will be an advantage to your team.

Keep your weapons and your aim ready to shoot the enemy because they will not give you any other chance after you die in the match. Even if you die in your team, then just don’t sit and watch the teammate, but you need to be ready after your teammates capture entire flags, and you will be revived.

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