Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Season 1 Update 1.11 Patch Notes & Fixes

The latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare update 1.11 is rolling out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, the changes made with the second patch are not as jaw-breaking as the 1.10 update still, a few exciting tweaks have been added.  Modern Warfare new updates weigh between 18 GB to 20 GB to access the game.

Furthermore, Season 1 update 1.11 patches aim to improvise stability in particular areas, rather than adding new stuff. The developers also tweeted out that, ” Season update 1.11 has gone out to help improvise stability on Ground war on all platforms.” Users can now also access the Infected game mode in the private match as well. Conversely, these battles would be against in-game bots as this is the first time that the Infected game modes have been introduced to private matches.

Here’s What Season 1 Update 1.10 Added:

  • Vacant: Multiplayer player map of an abandoned office.
  • Crash: Multiplayer map with action-packed routes and rooftop.
  • Shipment: Gunfight and Multiplayer Classic map.
  • Port: Ground war map combat across massive cranes, buildings, shipping crates, and streets.
  • Cargo: Gunfight map with an open-roof storage vessel on docks of London.
  • Atrium: Gunfight map in the centerpiece of a Verdansk Palace.
  • Reinforce: Multiplayer mode where both teams are fighting to control three flags.
  • On-Site Procurement: Gunfight mode with a twist of gathering equipment as the battle progresses.
  • Infected: Multiplayer survival party game modes.
  • Bomb Squad: Defuse the planted explosives for special ops experience.
  • Grounded: Engage and eliminate Barkov’s former air bar for special ops experience.
  • Pitch Black: Engage and infiltrate Barkov’s former estate for special ops experience.
  • Just Reward: Eliminate the head of an opponent’s financial operation and attain intel.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Patch Notes


  • Introduced Night maps to hardcore, Cyber Attack, TDM, Search, and Destroy.
  • Reinforce
  • Crash 24/7
  • Added Port to Ground War
  • Gun Runner and Rammaza added to DOM 20 and TDM 20.


  • Shoot House 24/7
  • Gun Game in Private match.
  • Gunfight Tournament 2v2.
  • Challenges and Missions:
  • Close and Personal.
  • Bloodthirsty Killer
  • Perks of the Job.
  • .357 camo challenge.
  • Several updates to other camo challenges.
  • Troubleshoot of completion notifications for Office challenge not showing up on the screen.
  • Description updated for Combat Knife Challenge.
  • Attain 50 kills while opponent’s UAV is active: Description updated that equip Ghost perk to accomplish the mission.
  • Destroy Ground Killstreaks: Description updated that all gamer-driven vehicles will be counted in the launcher camo challenges.

General Fixes:

  • Private Gunfight Match: Troubleshoot for “Win by Two” settings to complete the challenge once the requirements have been met entirely.
  • No Recent Players: Troubleshoot for a bug while checking the list of the recent players that depicts “No Recent Players.”
  • Infantry Assault Vehicle: Troubleshoot for a bug where players stuck inside the infantry assault vehicle and will not deal with damage now.
  • Final Killcam: Troubleshoot for an issue where final killcam stuck under the map when a gamer stuck by Semtex or Thermite on the lower body part.
  • Riot Shield: Fixed an issue by reducing explosive damage within a particular range along with Riot shield protections against grenades.


  • Enhanced effectiveness of FMJ on Killstreaks.
  • Troubleshoot for Cluster Strike dealing damage inconsistently when eliminating a VTOL jet.

Call of Duty Caster:

  • Enhanced camera transitions with an aerial camera and free camera.
  • On the Minimap, he introduced a skull icon where gamers die.
  • Introduced a killstreak view option while utilizing Portrait List.
  • Introduced arrows while utilizing the aerial camera view.

Mouse and Keyboard:

  • Enhanced the turn-rate when targeting with a tank.
  • Improved orbit turn-rate of the camera while driving a vehicle utilizing mouse and keyboard.
  • Troubleshoot for an issue where gamers will not be able to mantle using mouse and keyboard while strafing.
  • Fixed bug where the leader board will no longer represent complete Gamertags. With this, higher-level profile players will not get too many invites.
  • Default Mouse 4 or E for the keybind “Vehicle Camera Recenter” connection with Melee.
  • Fixed bugs to improve the re-centering camera.


  • In the white trucks, the opponent can now exit their vehicles.
  • Troubleshoot for a bug on operation Brimstone where gamers could become stuck while breaching the trains into the last stand.
  • Troubleshoot for an issue on Operation Harbinger in which informants can be dropped anywhere near opponent’s soldiers or any other wrong positions.
  • Introduced a checkpoint on Operation Brimstone after the third hack.
  • Adjustments for miscellaneous LMGs in the Menu damage stat bar.
  • 0.357: Buckshot: Reduced sufficient hip fire damage, reduced damage range, and tuned spread modifications from barrel attachments.

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