Call of Duty: Warzone – Best Loadouts in Season 5

Season 5 has brought plenty of new updates with new patches to keep the game entertaining. Indeed, multiple amazing weapons are available in the game, but with the help of the right loadout items, you can turn a decent weapon into a powerhouse. Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game, so it becomes necessary for developers to provide new updates for a better experience. If you have played a previous season of Call of Duty: Warzone, then you must know the importance of weapon loadout.

To improve the strength of the weapon, it is necessary to know which loadout items will be best for the weapon you are using. Some weapons are nothing without the loadout, but after using the right attachments, it can turn as an extremely deadly weapon in the field. If you want to move to higher ranks or are willing to stay on a higher spot, you need to build a strong loadout to turn your weapons extremely powerful.

Best Loadouts for Weapons in Warzone Season 5

Best Bruen MK9 Loadout

Bruen is currently one of the best guns in the game, and players also love to use this weapon. This LMG beast weapon always puts great damage on opponents. However, if you attach some right attachments on this weapon, you can make it shine on the battlefield. You should use APX5 Holographic Sight, XRK Summit 26.8”, Suppressor, Skeleton Stock, and 60 Round Mags.

Suppressor and skeleton stock both are necessary attachments. However, you can’t find them until you reach level 53 for suppressor and 56 for skeleton shock. Other major attachments are barrel, additional magazine round, reload speed, and the ADS. The barrel will let you move smoothly, and the additional magazine will help you to do rapid-fire in the field. The combination of these following attachments will increase the speed and range of the weapon.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

Players usually make a comparison between “Grau” and Kilo 141. There are several areas in the game where Kilo 141 performs much better. Its damage rate, low recoil value, and mid-range strength are incredible. Kilo recently begins to gain some attention, so if you want to make your game strong, you should focus on its loadout.

Best attachments for Kilo are Monolithic Suppressor, Monocle Reflex Sight, Commando Foregrip, Singuard Arms 19.8” Prowler, and a 100 Round Drums. With the help of grip, you’ll be able to control the gun perfectly even if you use the extra round to fire. The scope will help you to track down your opponents quite easily. So using all these attachments together will turn Kilo 141 the best mid-range weapon.

Best HDR Loadout

Some players use AX-50 over HDR, but with the combination of correct attachments, you can make HDR a powerhouse. Players, who never used the HDR with right attachments, should now give it a try to know how deadly it can be in battle.

Start your attachments with VLK 3.0x Optic, 26.9” HDR Pro, Monolithic Suppressor, Focus, and FTAC Champion. If you use the scope and monolithic suppressor, you can easily hit your target from distance. You can also use the stock, but it won’t provide much help except providing little stability. The best attachment you can have for HDR is HDR Pro Barrel because it will increase the range, damage, velocity, and also dampens recoil. If you want to make your every shot perfect, just use this loadout.

Best MP5 Loadout

If you prefer to battle in close-range, so MP5 could be your best mate to rely on. While using MP5, you could face some recoil problem, but its speed and damage can impress you. Use this gun in close fights, and you will see how quickly it kills your opponent.

Whenever you use MP5, don’t forget to use Monolithic Suppressor, 45 Round Mags, Commando Foregrip, Sleight of Hand, and Tac Laser. You can avoid adding the barrel on this weapon. The monolithic suppressor will keep you off from the radar of enemies. In short-range battles, suppressor and grip will help you in continuous spray and laser will maintain your handling. In long-range battles, you should use Sleight of Hand to help you in fast reloading.

Best FAL Loadout

Another weapon that gets better with the right attachments is FAL. This weapon is in the attention of players for long, but still, numerous players want to know its best loadout.

The major attachments for FAL are Monolithic Suppressor, XRK Marksman, APX5 Holographic Sight, Tac Laser, and 24 Round Mags. The suppressor and long barrel are important for FAL because of its weak damage. Using an extra magazine will allow you to fire more bullets. The scope will track the within range enemies and ADS speed will remain the same.

Conclusion – These weapons will fire perfectly if you use the mentioned loadouts with them. However, it is all about preference. Use any suitable weapon, but don’t forget to attach the right attachment for better results. Always try new attachments to know the value and range of the improved weapon.

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