Call of Duty Warzone: How the New Features Work

Call of Duty has released a new version in the series under the name Warzone. Here, you can find new features about the game.

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Activision has recently released the new version in the long gaming series under the name Call of Duty: Warzone with the developers The Infinity Ward. This game offers two modes, which are Battle Royal and Plunder. In this game, players have to battle against 150 online players.

If you already started this new version, then you should know about the new features in the game, which will help you to improve the gaming experience. In this article, you can get to know about all the changes and how you can use those for your advantage.

CrossPlay in the Game

If you like to play the game with your friends, then you have to use the COD: Warzone Crossplay. The platform will not affect this feature, even if you and your friend are using different platforms to play the game. To set this feature, you have to go to Social Menu, located in the main lobby of the game. Now, you have to click on the button Add Friend. Now you have the choice who will be on your friends-list and how you will add to the list. You can use the gaming account of Activision, or you can choose any other specific account. When you find your friends, send them the request once it accepts, then you will be able to see their account photos on your social page.

When you wish to play with them, select them from the social page, and choose from Invite in the Party or Join Game.

Earning the KillStreaks

In the Warzone, the killstreaks have a different process than the previous versions. In previous versions, you can receive this by killing the enemies. While in this one, you can get it by buying from the buying stations, too (if any other player didn’t get it first). Other than that, you can earn it from the supply boxes and loot. Total four killstreaks are present in the game till now:

  • Shield Turrent: It has 50 cal mounted on it with the shield attached to it.
  • UAV: For detection of the enemies using the Ghost perk.
  • Laser: Designated for the Custer Skrike.
  • Air Strike: It can target enemies by using the Binoculars.

Still, you will be able to take one kill streak at one time. If you try to get a new one, then you have to give the previously owned killstreak.

Reviving or Redeploying the System’s Works

If you wish to revive your fallen teammate, firstly, your teammate has to defeat the other person in the battle of Gulag. After that, you had to have $4,500 gaming cash (collect it from the ground or loot). After receiving the amount, head to the Buy Station, then buy your teammate from the station in exchange for the money.

In the game, everything has a price tag attached to it.

Introduction to the Warzone Contracts

These are spread all over the map, and it offers players to get more cash and some game-altering techniques. It creates a distinct noise, so keep your ears open for the different sounds too. In every game, you will find three contracts without any fix locations. It comes with a condition, which is if you are going to get one, then your whole team needs one. These contracts are as following:

  • Recon Contract: These are for the Domination Missions or mini HQ. If you get this contract, then you have to accumulate flare, and then you have to upload the collected data. If you have completed the task, then you will have the cash prize.
  • Bounty Contract: It shows as the symbol of the target icon. When your team or you activate this mission, then you have to eliminate at least one enemy to complete this mission after doing that you will get the reward in the term of gaming money and XP. The collection of awards will be shown on the tac Map.
  • ScavengerContract: It will be shown as a Magnifying glass on the map. If you activate this contract, then you have to go for a little adventure along with the game. After getting three boxes in this scavenger hunt, you will be rewarded with the contract bonus.

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