Call of Duty: Warzone: Locate the Bunkers, Keycards and Bunker 11 Explained

Season 5 of Warzone has brought some new exciting content along with the mystery of bunkers. Players have seen several new bunkers inside the stadium along with new doors and their keycards. Right now, two types of bunkers are available in Warzone. The first type of bunker is the “loot bunker” that requires a red keycard to unlock, and the second type of bunker is “Black Ops” teaser bunkers. The loot bunkers are packed with rare items, blueprints, and gears. However, finding the location of every bunker is very time-consuming. So, here is a handy guide to locate the bunkers to collect valuable items.

Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker Locations 

In the map of Warzone, there are a total of 11 bunkers available. Among the 11 bunkers, 10 are “normal” bunkers that require a red keycard to access. The “Bunker 11” is located at the top side of the map. It is located on the north-west side of “Military Base.” To access the 11th bunker, you have to solve the “bunker 11” puzzle.

Call of Duty: Warzone: Locate the Bunkers, Keycards and Bunker 11 Explained

The bunkers are packed with a massive amount of loot and cash to purchase anything you want. You can also get the gears from the loot for the whole squad. The loot will always remain the same, but the most frustrating thing will be locating the keycards. Before moving on the site of bunkers, you have to find the keycards.

How to Open the Warzone Bunkers

The entire 10 bunkers are not anywhere related to the bunker 11 puzzle. Getting into the first level is quite simple. You simply need to find the red keycards to access 10 bunkers. The red keycards have been in the game for a long time. To find these keycards, you just have to do some research.

Warzone Keycard Locations

Keycards are not available at any specific location. You have to check every “legendary loot crate” to find the red keycard. Indeed, the legendary crates are quite a few in the game, but you have to check those crates. You can also check the random drop crates to find the keycard. One keycard can only unlock 1 bunker. If you want to unlock multiple bunkers, you have to keep your research going until you see multiple keycards.

Once you get the keycard, you simply need to interact with the bunker’s door, and a red light will turn green. The green light indicates that the door is unlocked, and you can move inside the bunker. Once you get inside the bunker, you will get a lot of rare items, massive loot, and gears. With the help of loot and gears, you can easily win the match, and there is another door available inside. Unfortunately, no player has discovered the way to get inside those additional doors.

What is the Keypad on the Doors?

Inside the bunkers, players have noticed another door. This door begins to appear after the launch of Season 5. Players can interact with these doors using the keypad next to every door that exists at the back of every bunker. To access the door, players have to enter the 8-digit code on the keypad. But, right now, no one has the information on codes. Players are linking the code of doors with the stadium doors that also require a keycard to access. This mystery is still unsolved, but the community of Warzone is trying to figure it out.

Warzone Bunker 11

Bunker 11 is a mysterious bunker that has tons of loot, hidden nukes, and a blueprint of Mud Dauber MP7. To unlock the Bunker 11, players have to locate the phones, phone numbers, and codes. The process for unlocking the Bunker 11 is different from other bunkers.

Find the First Phone

For an easy process, play with your squad and locate the locations of phones. You need to search around the whole map to find the right phone to interact. Once you interact with the phone, you will hear a Russian message with a mysterious tone. You will also hear counting in the Russian language. The following numbers are different every time, so you have to decode it.

Find the Corresponding Office Phones

Every number is originated from a special phone on the map that decoded a “Morse code.” You need to interact with every phone to get the corresponding code. You need to interact with phones in the right order. Once you do that, the phone will make a few beeps in the Morse code to make you understand. You can do it in solo mode or squad mode.

Enter Inside Bunker 11

After interacting with three phones, you can access Bunker 11. Rejoin the squad and move north. There you will see the bunker that will ask to mention the code correctly. The green light above the door will indicate the door is unlocked. Move inside the door, and you will find plenty of loot and a blueprint of “MP7 Mud Dauber.”

Conclusion – The bunkers in the Warzone is one of the biggest mysteries in the game. Every season, developers reveal something new about the bunkers and the stadium. Players found the Season 5 quite interesting because developers have revealed several hidden mysteries.

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