Can a diamond fall out of a ring?

It is quite common for diamonds to fall out of a ring. We use our hands for basically every activity. We advise that you take off your ring during activities. Not only can you damage the diamond, but you could also damage the setting.

There is so much more to a diamond ring than meets the eye. Of course the first thing to cross your mind may be the diamond but what about the setting?
The setting determines how secure the diamond is. Not only does it secure the diamond in place but also affects its appearance. One of the best ways to personalize your ring is choosing the right setting.


Is the setting important?

Yes. Your diamond may run a higher risk of falling out, depending on the construction, design and shape of the setting.
There are a variety of settings and each affect the security of the diamond. Pavet-set stones are one of the less secure settings, whereas prong-set and bezel, tend to be more secure.
Keep in mind that the smaller the diamond, the more probability it has to fall out.  

Construction and design 

An important factor to keep in mind is that the type of metal used in the construction of a ring can affect how secure the diamonds stay in place. Platinum or white gold are highly recommended, whereas softer metals, such as yellow gold are the least secure. If you prefer the yellow gold look, you should choose yellow gold coated platinum prongs. There are times when a diamond is secured with glue, usually when the setting is not to be seen. This also, ups the risk of the diamond falling out.

Diamond size

Another factor that can contribute to diamond loss, is size. The correct diamond size for your ring setting is a must. If the diamond is too small, it may fall out. If the diamond is too big, it could create greater force against the setting and weaken it, leading to breakage and once your setting breaks, your diamond is no longer secure.

Improper claws

The claws holding the ring must be in placed correctly and without and faults. Claws that are improper may weaken and bend over time and may cause you to lose your precious diamond.

Can resizing your ring affect the security of the diamond?

When a ring is resized, the security of your diamond may be compromised. Keep in mind that this depends on the type of setting and the amount of times the ring has been resized, especially if resizing affects the diamond.
If working with an experienced, qualified jeweler, you shouldn´t have any problems.

Tips on how to prevent your diamond falling out


  • If the diamond seems loose, if the claws are damaged, it may be best to take you ring to a qualified jeweler.
  • Handle rings that are prong set with yellow gold with caution, as this type of gold is not as durable as others.


  • You should avoid wearing rings with invisible-set diamonds when engaging in hand-heavy activities.
  • Clean your rings with care, especially if using an ultrasonic cleaner.

So, yes, diamonds can fall out and the smaller the diamond, the more likely it is to occur, but with the right setting, the right sized diamond and the right jeweler, you shouldn´t have any problems with your sparkling stone.

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