Can gaming turn into a mainstream profession.


Gaming is not merely an hobby for many gamers. If we consider traditional games, the gamers invest a good portion of their time and effort into gaming. Apart from this, the gamers also spend huge sums of money to buy in-game assets. Certain games are so addictive that, the players usually lose track of time. But what will happen after a particular games ends? Or if the player looses interest? What will happen to the rewards and purchases?

What are NFT games?

In an NFT game, NFTs can be in the form of in-game assets. Players can own these NFTs in a game. They can sell or rent this NFTs to other players when the value of the particular NFT is high. Thus the owner of the NFT will get a recurring revenue each time the asset is resold.
The introduction of the blockchain technology has addressed one of the biggest problem traditional games faced so far. In traditional game, the in-game assets purchased becomes redundant once the game ends. The rewards and wins that you gained form the game stays with the game.

How have NFTs been the change makers?

NFTs have been complete change makers in helping the gamers to gain maximum profit from the game. Blockchain technology and NFTs have ensured the decentralisation and interoperability of the in-game assets. This mean that the players can take complete ownership over the asset and trade them on other platforms. Furthermore NFTs have also helps in giving rise to a new model of games called play-to-earn games.

P2E games

Gaming has moved beyond the conventional boundaries. Gone are the days when gamers spent hours together playing and ended up being disappointed for not gaining anything out of it.
With the introduction of play-to-earn games, gamers are being able to play and earn at the same time. The gamers get to earn rewards in cryptocurrency. This will help the gamers level up in the game and improve their game playing skills.


In many countries gamers have taken on gaming as a mainstream profession. Gamers have realised that they are gaining rightful and fair profits through NFT games. Hence, many gamers are flocking towards NFT gaming marketplaces to get their game started.

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