Can Good Aroma Realy Help Prevent Stress? Get To Know That With Us!


With recipes from Greek, Estia Soaps have wonderfully completed 13 years. We believe in the beauty of nature, and therefore, we create products from natural ingredients. Every product by Estia Soaps is 100% natural, absolutely vegan, and cruelty-free.

We believe in Aromatherapy, which as the name suggests, is a healing process that uses different extracts from plants. It is a therapeutic use of the aroma of essential oils to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. The sweet aroma makes one feel lighter and hence reduces pain, stress, anxiety, and agitation. Our products include luxury bath salts, aromatherapy products, all-natural soap bars, and plastic-free gifts that have the strength to treat headaches, migraines, and sore joints.

Products Your Need For That Much-Needed Deep Sleep

The stressful lives in today’s world often result in a lack of sleep. Aromatherapy Sleep pillow mist by Estia Soaps can help. It is a handmade recipe made with 100% pure essential oils that will make you enjoy a night of deep and peaceful sleep. It will eventually make your anxiety go away. Our owner has herself created the recipe for this vegan aromatherapy sleep pillow mist. Numerous people find our pillow mist helpful in giving them a deep and relaxing sleep.

Lavender essential oil is one of the best-known stress and anxiety-reducing product that we boast of. Lavender Pillow Mist by Estia Soap naturally induces deep sleep by increasing relaxation. Not only before sleeping, but you can also use this spray whenever you feel anxious. Our 100% vegan Lavender Pillow Mist comes in an aluminum bottle because we forbid the use of plastic. Our Lavender pillow mist can be used for kids whenever they feel restless or stressed. Surprisingly, you can also spray it on your dog’s bed.

Lavender Yoga Pillow This relaxing eye pillow is a combination of rice and dried lavender filled with pure lavender essential oil. As with all our products, the fabric used in the lavender eye pillow is vegan too. You can easily hand wash this fabric. Our magical pillow does a lot more work than a normal pillow. It releases anxiety and helps you to take a deep sleep. You can even warm it in a microwave and keep it on the back of your neck for relaxation.

Bath Salts That Will Give You The Perfect Luxury Feels

Who doesn’t love a little me-time in the tub, right? We know you love a good bath and you will love it more when you use our luxury bath salts.

Our certified recipe has the therapeutic power of Himalayan and Epsom Salts. They also have olive oil and shea butter to give extra nourishment to your skin. The luxury bath salts are packed with essential oils that aids in relaxing your mind and body with their natural fragrances. As our brand is committed to using only natural products, our luxury bath salts are 100% natural and vegan. They are handmade in small batches to preserve their natural freshness.

  • Ekati’s Relaxing Bath Salts

These lavender bath salts are an incredible choice when you’ve had a long day at work. The lavender essential oil with Himalayan and Epsom salts will help you distract yourself from the work stress and put you into a relaxed mode. You’ll experience deep sleep after a good long bath with these lovelies.

  • Eros’ Calming Bath Salts

These luxury bath salts by Estia Soaps not only relaxes your body but even relieves you from headaches and anxiety. It consists of Ylang and Geranium essential oil, the aromas when combined work against stress and depression.

  • Minthi’s Tonic Bath

SaltsTo get relieved from sore and achy muscles, you must try Minthi’s tonic luxury bath salts. It includes Methanol in peppermint oil which leaves a cooling effect on the body and eventually increases blood flow. The coolness of the mind will help you relax and kick the stress away.

  • Erevos’ Mindful Bath Salts

To practice mindfulness and increase focus, our Erevos’ Mindful Bath Salts will work perfectly for you. The sandalwood and rosewood essential oil will give you peace of mind and hence, will help you increase your focus.

Summing Up

Our aromatherapy products and luxury bath salts are made to help you release stress and feel relaxed even after a hard day. They not only work on your emotional and mental health, but they also improve your physical health. Talking about the external effects, by being natural and vegan, these products have worked immensely well for the skin as well. All you need is to browse through the website, pick the products you’d like to use, and give them a try right away. We promise you will love them and come back to see us again here

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