Can I File A Claim For Dental Damage After An Accident?

Car accident causes some of the scariest injures one may think of. But, one of the injuries people doesn’t stop to think about is dental injuries.

As a fact, dental injuries are among the most common injuries suffered after a car accident. If you have suffered from dental damage and believe it was somebody’s fault, you may file a claim and get compensated.

Dental Injuries After A Car Accident

Unfortunately, not many car accident victims seek medical help for their dental injuries. The truth is that such injuries may pose a risk to other nasty injuries that may cause further damage that will interfere with your normal life. If you broke your tooth or suffered any mouth-related injuries, you may need a lawyer for a car accident to help you determine whether you may have a valid personal injury claim and how to get compensated. You can either experience direct or indirect dental damage injuries such as:

  • Trauma to the face or teeth
  • Head or neck trauma injuries
  • Breaking of jaws

Dental injuries can either be minor or major. Whichever level your dental damage may be in, it’s vital to seek medical treatment from experienced dental doctors. With the correct medical records, you can get fair compensation alongside the other personal injuries you may have suffered after the accident. However, to get such compensation, you may need a lawyer for a car accident guide you through the legal process.

Treatment Of Your Dental Damage

It’s always advisable to have the right medical treatment from a recognized doctor, who will give the correct medical records. If your dental injuries were severe, they may have resulted in a:

  • Tooth displacement
  • Loose gum
  • Bleeding gum

The above poses a high risk of pulp infection that may require tooth extraction, this may lead to disfigurement. Others may require dental X-rays to determine the extent of the damage. And in some cases, one may need refilling or even surgery. Prolonged exposure to damaged enamel may lead your tooth to decay.

If you have suffered dental injuries after a car accident, you should seek medical attention immediately to avoid unnecessary infections. Where there is a form of negligence, you may contact a lawyer to advice on whether you may have a claim.

Valuing Your Dental Damage Claim

Whether you are to settle or get a court verdict, you will need to determine how much your case may be worth. Such information is available from the  association of personal injury lawyers who are conversant with multiple personal injury cases. This is an essential aspect of your case. However, any given case depends on the unique circumstances of the accident. Thus you will need to figure out the below questions:

  • How much the at-fault insurance company would be willing to offer for dental damages? This will include medical expense, any lost income, pain and suffering, among other damages you recovered under such damages.
  • How bad is your dental damage? And,
  • Whether your injury will lead to a permanent disfigurement

To get compensated for the above, it’s fairly simple to come up with all the expenses you may have used. Your doctor may also give information about future medical costs. For pain and suffering, the insurance company may use a multiplier.

It’s not possible to come up with a definite figure of how much one may recover. But with the right information from the association of personal injury lawyers, you can have an estimate of your compensation. If you have any question about dental damage and legal obligations, you can speak to an experienced car accident lawyer to help you learn about damages and the compensation process.


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