Can konjac be eaten directly? How can konjac be eaten?

Do you all know konjac? Konjac is an herb that is a food with a very rich nutritional value and a good taste.

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How can konjac be eaten?

Let’s take a look at it;

First, can konjac be eaten directly?

Konjac cannot be eaten directly. Although it is rich in nutritional value, raw konjac is poisonous, cannot be eaten raw.

Second, how can konjac are eaten

1. Processed into konjac noodles, vermicelli, etc


Staple foods such as konjac shreds and noodles, which are common in life, are made by cooking konjac and grinding them into powder. Order all the product and get free UK delivery now!

2. Chilled konjac


Konjac can be cooked and then added to a variety of sauces, according to the method of mixing cold vegetables to make cold konjac.


3. Sauté konjac


In addition to cooking and cold mixing, konjac can also be fried and made into vegetarian fried konjac, konjac roast duck, sauerkraut stir-fried konjac, and other delicacies.

4. Bake

Konjac can be grilled, and the konjac roast is also very delicious.

Although konjac is delicious, some people will feel that the skin is very itchy after eating konjac.


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