Can Promotional Footballs Assist You in Connecting With Sports Fans?

When your business is growing, then you are always on the look for new and better ways through which you can market your products and services for which they reach your potential clients. If you want to promote a company that is connected with football then the first thing that comes into your mind is to choose a cost-effective method to connect with the people: promotional footballs. On this product, a specific area is kept aside for placing your company’s logo or slogan. This is just one of the ways such kinds of marketing footballs can be used, as opportunities are endless. These can be handed out at games (colleges, high school, etc), pep rallies, fundraisers, and others.

There are various types of promotional sports balls used in this field. Small-sized plastic balls are also used as they are very inexpensive and are considered ideal for local events like highschool relays. Larger-sized promotional footballs are used for gifting out at tailgate parties. Depending on your marketing requirements, you can either give this for free or have people fill out a survey and then present it as a reward.


In the sports marketing business, promotional footballs are very important. For your clients, these are a unique and recurring reminder that directly relates to your company. The investment required in this marketing strategy is very less compared to the benefits that are received from it. If your marketing strategy comprises targeting high-end clients then you are left with one option only Full-Size, Realistic Footballs. These sports balls are the same ones that are used in the NFL. More than anything, these products are more like centerpieces or trophies.

The sportsmen who are gifted/awarded these products, display them on their showcase or desks to show their achievements. Because of this reason, you have the perfect opportunity to place a marketing message on the football. Whenever anyone sees it, they will be reminded of your organization.

Alternatives to Promotional Footballs

If you want to go a step beyond this traditional yet effective marketing product, then consider gifting car and refrigerator magnets that are in the shape of a football. Besides, a football helmet, personalized with the company’s logo or symbol is another choice. You can also print the name of an upcoming event(s) that is being sponsored by your company. Helmets and car magnets portray the role of a moving billboard that ferries your message in various parts of the state.


Promotional marketing in the sports arena is possible via various cost-effective methods. Footballs and various sports balls are the easiest way to imprint your company logo, slogan, products, service, or message. The effectiveness of the campaign depends on your research done in specific demography. We have mentioned some of the ways through which you can increment the reach of your business. ‘Customized Balls’ is a reputed part of Race Group of Companies, Australia that is offering completely custom-designed promotional balls in various sizes and quantities.

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