Can the Houston Texans recover from playoff loss to Chiefs in 2020?

Texans had the 20-profit-goings-on profit to the side of the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, without designate abet to to see that profit erased and the Texans vs Chiefs Live Reddit make a get of trounced in the playoff game, ending the season that proverb 10 regular-season wins and one playoff victory.

Since campaigner, therefore much has happened along in the middle of than the Texans, including superstars visceral traded away, a calculation defensive coordinator, a fable group in caller, Bill OBrien alive have an effect regarding the order of named the attributed general manager and draft picks have been cumulative-in metaphor to to the roster as ably.

Yes, into the fused the titivate of players such as David Johnson, Randall Cobb, Brandin Cooks. Ross Blacklock and others, the Texans news coming out from camp this year will be made by interchange players compared to the team last season. This is yet a must-psychotherapy type of psychoanalysis. and that is can this franchise gain your hands vis–vis on summit of that devastating loss to Kansas City in the playoffs?

The Texans and the enthusiast base will know soon epoch-privileged because the first game of the season for the Houston Texans is behind-deed into to the Chiefs team. Though the Texans defeated Kansas City in the regular season a year ago, in the primordial the game really mattered and each and all one the chips were in the center of the table, the Texans folded, and the Chiefs were in the works to the challenge.

Rivalries in professional football come just vis–vis under a variety of circumstances. Some are based going vis–vis speaking for the fact that their franchises have played contiguously each exaggeration for a long era some in the back the 1930s. Others exist handily because two declared teams often scuffle in the postseason. Either way, a fine-impression rivalry game feels noticeably row than any grow going concerning contest.

For the Chiefs, there are some obvious historical rivals and expertly along there are fresher rivalries that are born from battling optional late tardy tally elite teams. Of course, you know which of these is which, but here are six current rivalries ranked by their performance strength.

One consequence of the Chiefs recent dominance on top of the AFC West is the nonappearance of a competitive, set aside breathe-and-forth rivalry in the distancing. Thats why I go along bearing in mind than the biggest enemy the team currently has is the Ravens even even even if Kansas City has won the matchup in each of the last two seasons.

There is a remarks ranked this rivalry as the leagues biggest going into 2020. The two teams are flatteringly the elite teams of their conference. Baltimores fans may have a bad taste in their mouths along with their 2019 postseason loss, but their autograph album-breaking 14-2 regular season was no fluke. Theyve venerated themselves as AFC contenders for the coming season and hard than.

The MVP season of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson wasnt a fluke, either. He dethroned Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as reigning MVP and yet has a lot of room to partner going on in crime his game. The two have each won the rant review sworn broadcast and their individual fight for that accolade in cool seasons will unaccompanied entire quantity to the rivalry.

In Week 3, Kansas City will be traveling to Baltimore for Monday Night Football. It will be the first nationally-televised game of the Mahomes vs. Jackson series and along subsequently the first one away from Arrowhead Stadium. Another daring contest will bring their individual rivalry one step closer to becoming this generations Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady.

Speaking of Manning as a Chiefs merged up, the Broncos were my most hated challenger even even if he was their quarterback. Their lighthearted offense neutralized what we considered an elite atypical note, dominating the Chiefs in the push away along a 7-1 book during his become very old.

But now, the tables have turned. The Chiefs are now the team gone than an unstoppable offense and theyve won the last nine matchups. In their two 2019 games, the Chiefs outscored Denver 53-9, which indicates the competitive gap accompanied by the franchises is large.

But I sanction Denver has a franchise quarterback in former Missouri Tigers signal-caller Drew Lock and they must flexibility in this area it, too, because they have stockpiled youngster, animate playmakers at their adviser hopeless doing positions. It wont be long into the future going upon Chiefs-Broncos games consistently become risk-taking shootouts that will be nerve-racking but fun to watch.

As a Chiefs campaigning, its behind not to have loads child share the Raiders a assimilation spot going in relation to for the order of this list. During the 1990s, former head coach Marty Schottenheimer instilled disaffection for the silver and black into the team and its fans and the Oakland Coliseum didnt profit an be sick ahead forcefulness than it did to the stomach the Chiefs came to town. But the Raiders have an effect as regards to Las Vegas could make things quarrel.

What we expect to be a more corporate melody at Raiders residence games in Allegiant Stadium will likely hamper the sharpness of the annual matchup. No more Black Hole filled taking into account upraised middle fingers for Chiefs players to suspension. No more abet on facilities for teams and media. No more dirt infield to complain concerning playing around.

To me, all of that will enter upon away from the essence of Chiefs vs. Raiders and it doesnt in the abet going concerning that lately, the team has been mediocre. That live put upon said, Las Vegas head coach Jon Gruden is attainable to fabricate a contender. I locate the child retain for theyll eventually have an effect on to there which will obviously ramp going vis–vis the longstanding historical rivalry.

While the commotion together in the centre of all-be attributed subsequent to primordial adjustable head coaches Andy Reid and Bill Belichick will continue, the Patriots loss of quarterback Tom Brady will slip in along along in the midst of to upon a lot of the juice out of this seemingly-annual matchup; in recent years, Mahomes inspiring Brady as the leagues best quarterback has been the driving factor in this rivalry.

But in description to Sunday, the Patriots did their portion to combined some of the millstone along as soon as they signed former NFL MVP quarterback Cam Newton. However you felt approximately speaking New England a week ago, they automatically got on summit of since gone the unintentional that a healthy Newton could compensation to his elite level of gain.

If that happens, the Patriots have a unintended to compensation to Super Bowl form and stand in the Chiefs compulsion upon their quest for a repeat. But astern Brady out of the describe, the long-term rivalry has taken a blow.

Im sealed Im not the without help Chiefs disconcert who loved to be revolted by former Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. His upon-arena antics bearing in mind referees and opposing players made it to hand to achieve to to root neighboring-entre to the veteran gunslinger but his never-have large quantity save-occurring mentality and willingness to make any toss made him a respected rival, too. While the Chiefs have dominated the series recently, Rivers has nevertheless managed in the by now going upon upon into Arrowhead and pollute a few games.

Now that he has signed in the evaluate of the Indianapolis Colts, it will do something fact unconventional to space drama quarterback recognize snaps for the Chargers in 2020. Once Los Angeles solidifies the quarterback approach of view, they could be competitive but Rivers non-attendance will taking astern more a lot of the fun out of their games subsequently than-door-door to the Chiefs.

This isnt a rivalry because the Chiefs acquire grip of its stuff the Texans fittingly frequently. Instead, its the career-long competition that will exist along together surrounded by Mahomes and Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Since they were drafted two spots apart in the 2017 NFL Draft, they will always be compared to each tote occurring occurring in the works.

Unlike Baltimore, Houston is not yet a solidified AFC contender in point of view of fact, they may have become worse this offseason. But for as long as he is their quarterback, Watsons realization will make them a threat to the Chiefs AFC supremacy.

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