Can the kn95 face mask be reused?

Compared with ordinary disposable masks, kn95 face mask has better protection. So, is kn95 face mask disposable? How many times can kn95 face mask be used? The following article will introduce in detail.

kn95 face mask

Kn95 face mask can generally be used for 1-2 days or 5 times repeatedly without going to the hospital and crowded traffic.

Wear a kn95 face mask. If you enter or exit a hospital or a crowded place, it cannot be reused. It must be replaced frequently. Also, when removing it, remove it from both sides and do not touch the front with your hands. Don’t throw away the mask after you take it off.

If the kn95 face mask is marked for one-time use, it cannot be reused after it is removed.

When using kn95 face mask, if it is reused, it must be properly kept, dedicated for use by someone, and cannot be used by others. After use, the kn95 face mask should be stored in a dry and ventilated place if you need to continue using it. Do not fold up for storage.

The reusable kn95 face mask can be used at home, hanging out, shopping for food, etc. when there are few people in contact. It is recommended to use a new mask when entering and exiting places with a lot of people.

Tips: It is also wrong to use a hair dryer and alcohol to disinfect masks repeatedly. Disinfection by heating or spraying alcohol is likely to cause the mask to deform, damage the fibers in the mask, and reduce the protective effect. Therefore, this method is not advisable.

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