Can we consume beer to pass kidney stones? Myths/Facts

Many often question if it is fine to consume beer to pass the kidney stones? This is not a new question. Here are a few myths and facts that are surrounded by the consumption of beer. Let’s have a look-


Truth and Myths


  • Beer produces lots of urine, so may help in the passage of small stones that are less than 5mm. Stones have to pass through an exit passage of 3mm.
  • Since it produces urine suddenly, don’t try to pass it when in pain, it will make it more miserable. If the kidneys are blocked with stones and a lot of urine is produced which is not able to be expelled, it becomes more painful and you end up being more painful. You may feel vomiting, and groggy if you never had it before.
  • Prolonged intake of the beer can make you dehydrated, and since it has high oxalate content you can become oxalate loaded. 


All of these are the risk factors for kidney stones.

  • To take care of your kidneys, medicines are available that help with the job of flushing out small stones. They are safer than beer.
  • Beer is an alcohol and it harms your liver. It does more damage than recovery. Consuming beer you will end up paying too much price for flushing out the stones.
  • If the stone stuck in the ureter has to pass, it will, in a month. If it doesn’t, despite whatever you try, get it removed. Many people often end up with damaged kidneys because this is preventable and treatable.


These days, procedures for stone removal are highly advanced and technologically supported. So don’t be afraid of the problem of the stone as these can be treated well. So next time you think of grabbing a beer to flush out the stones, reconsider these options as it is not advisable to consume them.


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