Can You Get a Concealed Carry Permit in DC?

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There was a time when carrying concealed guns in public was not allowed in the District of Columbia until 2014. The Chief of the Police had no right to issue any such permit to carry. Due to the Federal court directive, since 2014, legislation has been amended to carry concealed guns. However, the district has full right to issue any kind of jurisdiction regarding concealed guns, whether to issue or not to a particular person who meets specific sets of criteria. If you want to know if you can get a concealed carry permit in DC, you must be aware that there should be proper and valid reasons for the same. Then only it will be entertained, else naturally will be discarded. There are specific rules and regulations for this. Here are those:

Terms & Conditions

You must work or live within the District of Columbia. If you don’t, and if you live in any other state, if you already have the permit to carry concealed guns, you can keep the same here. If you don’t have any permit, you have to apply afresh, and your candidature will be reviewed accordingly. You should be a suitable person who can carry a concealed permit.


You must be 21 years of age; else, no permit will be provided to you.

You should meet all requirements to keep a firearm, and you must have obtained a registration certificate for the arms for which you are asking for the concealed permit.

You should not suffer from any kind of mental disease or any of such kind that will create a risk to others. You should not create any danger, neither for you nor others. At least for the last five years, you should be perfectly fit both physically and mentally for being considered for this. Although, apart from all the documents submitted, you have to appear in person at the District Police Headquarter for identity and document verification. This is a part of the entire process, and only all documents are cleared, then only you can be eligible for a concealed permit.

You should have completed firearm range training conducted and certified by a competent authority to be eligible for this permit. If anyone asks, can you get a concealed carry permit in DC? Click here to get more information about the concealed carry permit in DC. You can receive the same if you meet all the criteria laid down by the administration.

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