Can you install HP printer without CD

Here is how you can install your HP printer when you do not possess the installation CD.


First-time setup

  • To install HP printer without CD, unpack the printer and choose a flat surface
  • Including tapes and clips, remove all packing materials from the device
  • Using the power adapter, next, connect the HP printer to a power source
  • After which, you must install all cartridges which includes the black and multicolor ones
  • To install the cartridges, you must however open the cartridge access door first
  • Finally, in their respective positions, setup the input tray and output tray

Direct setup (USB)

  • The compatibility of the USB cable must be verified first-hand
  • To the HP printer now, connect one end of the cable
  • Then, connect the other end to the computer or a laptop
  • On your computer, it is essential to open the printer’s support site when you want to install without CD
  • To download and install the relevant software and printer drivers, use this method
  • For the initial setup, make sure to download a full feature driver
  • To manage and control your printer functionalities, make use of the HP Printer Assistant app

Network setup (LAN)

  • Check the compatibility of the LAN or Ethernet cable before beginning the setup
  • For this method, you require two cables if the computer’s network connection too is wired
  • If so, to the HP printer, connect one end of the first cable
  • Then, to the router, connect the other end
  • Similarly, using the other cable, connect the computer to the router
  • And then, when you open the printer’s support site on your computer to install HP printer without CD
  • Download and install the software, drivers with the assistance of the HP printer assistant app

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